Why to Use a Honeywell Turbine Starter in Your Aircraft

Honeywell has an installed base of over 50,000 starters for turbine propulsion engines. On many flights, you will notice the roaring startup sound of the ATSS bringing the engine to life, and due to their popularity, this blog will offer an overview of information you should know about such vital aviation components.

The majority of the world’s aircraft begin their flights with a reliable Honeywell ATSS, that of which includes the air turbine starter and the starter air valve. The main function of this system is to convert pneumatic energy in the form of air into mechanical torque. In other words, this system uses an intake of air to turn a turbine engine until it reaches an ideal ignition speed. Despite being an impressively compact system, the Honeywell ATSS delivers almost as much horsepower as a new Ford Mustang to kickstart the large gas turbine engines.

One aspect of the Honeywell ATSS design that makes it so popular is its relatively small size and weight, taking up about as much space as an office trash does and weighing in at a quarter of a comparable electric starter’s weight. Producing up to 400 horsepower, the Honeywell ATSS is practically incomparable to any other ATSS types, all of which fail to compete with Honeywell’s expertise in their design’s power density. This compact design makes it possible and convenient to install the ATSS in the wing of your aircraft without sacrificing durability. In fact, Honeywell designs can travel further on less fuel than even less compact designs. As such, it is understandable why other designs are relatively obsolete in the aviation industry.

Additionally, Honeywell ATSS boasts other competitive advantages over their counterparts such as industry-leading reliability. Essentially, buyers know that when they procure a Honeywell ATSS for their aircraft, they will be met with fewer flight delays or cancellations, as well as lower maintenance costs for operators. With customer-care technicians and service centers around the world, Honeywell maintains the aerospace industry’s most extensive global support network, making their products a convenient option for most buyers.

Not only are their products of top-quality, but Honeywell boasts incredible brand reliability having been in business for more than 50 years and producing tens of thousands of systems for a myriad of different aircraft. To help minimize life cycle costs on ATSS, Honeywell offers several competitive aftermarket maintenance solutions for operators and MROs, and their engineers are constantly at work developing greater, more compact products for their large customer base.

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