An aircraft fastener is an important part type which is used to secure two or more components together. Fasteners are what allow for the assembly of the aircraft, ranging from structural components to the installation of flight instruments. Fasteners are so critical to the construction of an aircraft that a single Boeing 747-800 is composed of around 3,000,000 fasteners, accounting for half of the total number of parts. Due to their importance, it can be very beneficial to understand the various fasteners that make up assemblies, as well as their differences. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the common fastener types such as nuts, bolts, and washers.

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The concept of the o-ring is very similar to that of a gasket. Both are specially designed seals that fill space between two surfaces in order to prevent leakage when a mechanism is static or compressed. An O-ring is designed to act as a seal to prevent fluid leakage in a variety of practicalities, including aircraft pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

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Those who work in the aerospace and aviation industries know better than anyone how important it is to have everything, every piece from the enormous fuselage to the smallest nuts and bolts, be perfect. When it comes to getting massive hunks of metal weighing in the tons to be airborne and fly, every little detail needs to be calculated and accounted for. So, even aviation industrial fasteners, like other metal items and components, are often heat-treated in order to achieve the “perfect” level of rigidity, smoothness, malleability, or strength.

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