The hairspring is a flat, spiral spring that consists of 12 to 15 turns, weighs around 1 milligram, and is approximately 0.03 millimeters thick. Hairsprings serve a single purpose: when they coil and uncoil, hairsprings propel a balance wheel that spins around its axis. This balance is a flywheel and is meant to accumulate the energy provided by the hairspring. Both are made so this oscillation is as regular and repeatable as possible in order to become a stably recurring phenomenon. Because of the reliability of hairsprings, they are frequently used in watches and master clocks, which are used to measure time in very small increments. Wheels and pinions convert the oscillation into seconds, minutes, hours, and so on. Because hairsprings transform the energy they receive into information, it is considered a mechanical processor.

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Aircraft was originally designed without brake systems and were able to slow down with the use of slower airspeeds, softer airfield surfaces, and friction developed by the tail skid. Brake systems started becoming more common when aircraft became faster and more complex and are now an integral aspect of an aircraft’s design. There are many different types of brakes and supportive technology used to slow down an aircraft.

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Planes can range anywhere from the size of a sedan to the size of the Titanic. And the number of parts they have can range from a couple thousand to the 6,000,000 that the Boeing 747 boasts. To someone who isn't in the business of working with planes, understanding what parts make up a plane can seem daunting and impossible. Fortunately, it's not, because most planes have the same 5 major components that are then broken down into hundreds and thousands of aircraft parts.

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