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Planes can range anywhere from the size of a sedan to the size of the Titanic. And the number of parts they have can range from a couple thousand to the 6,000,000 that the Boeing 747 boasts. To someone who isn't in the business of working with planes, understanding what parts make up a plane can seem daunting and impossible. Fortunately, it's not, because most planes have the same 5 major components that are then broken down into hundreds and thousands of aircraft parts.

The fuselage, the main body of the plane, is generally the largest part. It includes the cabin, storage space, and the controls. Typically, the fuselage is the central component of a plane, as the other 4 components are typically attached to it. A firewall separates the fuselage from the power plant, and the empennage, wings, and landing gear are directly attached to the fuselage. The wings, also known as the airfoils, are what provides the lift and allows the plane to fly.

Wings have to maintain aerodynamic in order to stay in the air, so they generally also have flaps or slats that the pilot can manipulate in order to change the plane’s operating characteristics. The empennage is the entire tail group, which includes the vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabilizer, rudder, elevator or stabilator, and the trim tabs. The landing gear, usually beneath the fuselage, includes all the parts related to landing the plane, mainly the wheels. And the powerplant, arguably the most important component, includes the engine and aircraft propeller, which power the plane.

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August 13, 2020

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