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A premier supplier of aviation batteries, NSN fulfillment has access to an inventory of over 2 billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospacecivil aviation and defense industries. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and thus have their inventory and international supply chain network at our disposal. This allows us to track down obsolete and hard-to-find aviation batteries parts and deliver them to our customers at competitive prices with short lead times. As NSN Fulfillment is an FAA AC 00-56B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified business, as well as the only independent aviation batteries distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy, we can ensure that each part you purchase from us will come from a reliable source. For all your aerospace and aviation needs, NSN Fulfillment is here to help. To see how we are revolutionizing the purchasing process, submit an RFQ today.

A battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections for powering electrical devices such as flashlights, mobile phones, and electric cars. They operate by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. In most cases, the electrical energy that is released is the difference in the cohesive or bond energies of the metals, oxides, or molecules undergoing the electromechanical reaction. Batteries are designed to allow the redox reaction to occur only if electrons are moving through the external part of the circuit. At NSN Fulfillment, we have alkaline battery parts such as 410861, 414184, 160786, 114098, 166130, and many more. Each of the kit lead acid batteries parts in our inventory come from trusted manufacturers like Saft and others.

Part No Manufacturer Type RFQ
024632-000 Saft 4078-24 RFQ
024470-000 Saft 27578-2 RFQ
024453-000 Saft 40178-24 RFQ
024147-000 Saft 539CH1 RFQ
023964-000 Saft 4025CH1 RFQ
023828-000 Saft 2376-10 RFQ
023808-000 Saft 1756-2 RFQ
023773-000 Saft 2386-1 RFQ
023694-000 Saft 4078-19 RFQ
023673-000 Saft 40776 RFQ
023670-000/412724 Saft 40678-2 RFQ
023663-000 Saft 40576-14 RFQ
023525-000 Saft 23576-2 RFQ
023521-000 Saft 23576-1 RFQ
023515-000 Saft 4076-11 RFQ
023510-000 Saft 16256-3 RFQ
023498-000 Saft 23676-2 RFQ
023495-000 Saft 23676-1 RFQ
023470-000 Saft 1756 RFQ
023450-000 Saft 40678-4 RFQ
023322-000 Saft 4076-13 RFQ
023320-000 Saft 20126-2 RFQ
023311-000 Saft 40576 RFQ
023167-000 Saft 4078-14 RFQ
023044-000/459265 Saft 4071-3 RFQ
022019-000 Saft 4078-10 RFQ
021937-000 Saft 4078-9 RFQ
021932-000 Saft 43BO50LB01 RFQ
021904-000 Saft 43BO34LB03 RFQ
021193-000/410627 Saft 1656-6 RFQ
020678-000 Saft 4078-6 RFQ
020413-000 Saft 12277-2 RFQ
020412-000 Saft 401176-9 RFQ
019654-000 Saft 40253 RFQ
019500-000 Saft 4076-12 RFQ
019438-000/167214 Saft 2376-5 RFQ
018804-000/410862 Saft 2376-4 RFQ
018718-000/410408 Saft 4078 RFQ
018550-000 Saft 4579 RFQ
018482-000 Saft 2376-3 RFQ
017702-000/410763 Saft 4076-10 RFQ
017692-000/167556 Saft 4076-9 RFQ
017494-000 Saft 2026 RFQ
016592-000/102390 Saft 4071 RFQ
016392-000/117481 Saft 40176-7 RFQ
015920-000 Saft 40176-4 RFQ
015700-000/106408 Saft 1656 RFQ
015680-000/105428 Saft 2376 RFQ
015580-000/102446 Saft 4076 RFQ
011360-000 Saft GB170 RFQ
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