The Benefits of Blind Rivet Nuts

Blind rivet nuts are essential components of modern construction and manufacturing, allowing for a secure and durable connection to be established between two or more workpieces. Blind rivet nuts are regularly used in automotive, aerospace, and construction assemblies, and there are various instances in which they may be the preferred option over more conventional fastener types. In this blog, we will discuss blind rivet nuts, what they are, and how they may be used, allowing you to determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

While most rivets and fasteners share a similar use in terms of allowing two or more parts to be secured together in an assembly, blind fasteners differ in that they are used in instances where access to one side of an assembly is limited or impossible. As such, blind rivet nuts and other similar fasteners are able to be installed completely from one side of an assembly. Most blind rivet nuts consist of a threaded body, a head on one end, and a flange on the other end. While the head is used to drive the fastener into a material, the flange is what grips the workpiece to keep the assembly secure. When it comes down to materials that are used to construct blind rivet nuts, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are the most common.

For the applicational use of blind rivet nuts, such fasteners are most commonly used in times where a material is either too thick to be threaded, or when the backside of a material is not accessible. In other cases, a blind rivet nut may be relied on when a threaded connection is necessary, but welding or threading is not practical. In order to install the blind rivet nut, a hole is first drilled into a material before the fastener is inserted. With a specialized tool, the head of the rivet can be driven into a material, resulting in the flange gripping the assembly to establish a secure connection. Once that is done, the threaded body of the rivet nut can be used to attach a bolt or screw.

There are various benefits to using blind rivet nuts as compared to other similar fasteners, the first being their strength and durability which ensures secure connections between materials. Additionally, with their ability to be installed from one side of an assembly, blind rivet nuts save on time, directly leading to cost savings. Furthermore, they are also compatible with a range of workpiece materials, commonly being used on aluminum, steel, and stainless steel alike. As a final major benefit, blind rivet nuts can often improve the aesthetics of an assembly, featuring a flush connection that upholds a clean and professional appearance.

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September 27, 2018

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