How Rolls-Royce is Revolutionizing Engine Maintenance with Intelligent Systems

While aircraft parts may fail at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, predictive maintenance technology can help one predict the failure of life-limited parts to mitigate the chance of lengthy and costly repairs. In recent years, aviation manufacturer Rolls Royce has been making continuous strides to implement data science into their products, and they have teamed with IFS Maintenix to establish predictive maintenance for all life-limited components installed in Rolls-Royce engines.

While unplanned maintenance can result in higher costs for an operator, they can also delay flights and hinder the travel plans of passengers. To prevent such incidents from coming about, Rolls-Royce is working to predict maintenance needs so that aircraft can be as close as possible to 100% availability at all times. Through the prevention of unplanned failures, Rolls-Royce has helped aircraft like the Airbus A330 fly distances equivalent to traveling back and forth to the moon 50 times before standard overhauls were required.

In order for this reliability to be achieved, Rolls-Royce predictive maintenance technology utilizes a two-way movement of data. The engine supplier often utilizes data from various sources such as engine health monitoring and maintenance management systems, and this is coupled with real time engine flying conditions and MRO data supplied by Rolls-Royce engine facilities themselves. Through automated data sharing and consistent collaboration on engine maintenance endeavors, it becomes much easier to track the effects of various engine components and how they influence the wellbeing and performance of the assembly as a whole. With a more complete picture of engine health and performance, operators can better execute maintenance.

With the implementation of Rolls-Royce parts and predictive maintenance systems in various engines, participating airliners have already begun to see improvements as they are able to gain accurate deadlines that even pertain to individual part numbers. Instead of spending a large amount of time planning updated deadlines, airliners now have precise maintenance information provided to them on a daily basis that seamlessly integrates with engine maintenance scheduling. In some instances, airliners have found that the time to reach their first engine removal has been increased by nearly 48%.

While predictive maintenance benefits airline operators financially, it also holds various advantages for more sustainable operations. By accurately determining times in which maintenance will be needed for individual parts and assemblies, operators can reduce the amount of resources and energy they use over time for such endeavors. Additionally, engine logistics is simplified with predictive maintenance, leading to a decreased emission footprint.

As various engines may vary in their technological capabilities, the implementation of Rolls-Royce predictive maintenance systems has been gradual. Additionally, Rolls-Royce has been working to provide airlines granular controls so that they can manage data with the necessary security. Nevertheless, such systems can prove highly beneficial for airlines with the time and money savings they can bring. If you own or operate an aircraft and require parts for your maintenance needs, look no further than NSN Fulfillment.

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