What Are the 5 Classes of AN Connectors

AN (Army-Navy) connectors, commonly referred to as plugs or receptacles, are necessary for the easy dismantling of Military Standard (MIL-STD) cabling where frequent disconnection of parts is common during maintenance. As connectors are vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to condensation periodically present in an aircraft's shell, it is imperative that waterproof alternatives are applied wherever moisture may be an issue. Manufactured with various joining methods and materials to fit one’s specifications, AN connectors are available in five different classes: A, B, C, D, and K. With each class having their own unique construction characteristics, we will briefly go over the different types of AN connectors so that way you may best determine which component best suits your application needs.

Class A: Otherwise considered a general-purpose connector, class A connectors come as single item components and are considered the most prevalent among common types of AN connectors. Regularly constructed from aluminum, these items are known for their use as backshells along cabling connections.

Class B: Designed with a backshell made from aluminum, class B connectors separate into two parts lengthwise and are held together by screws or a threaded ring. Primarily used where soldered cabling or wiring is present, connectors of this specification allow users to easily facilitate maintenance while working around soldered materials.

Class C: Class C connectors, unlike the aforementioned connector types, are irremovable. While similar in appearance to class “A” connectors, class “C” connectors feature aluminum inserts that are unmovable, simultaneously employing pressure to keep all parts securely sealed. Available in alternate forms with differing internal sealing arrangements, this diversity allows for the optimal connectivity between parts once applied. Attributed by their sealant properties, class C connectors are typically used in walls and bulkheads of pressurized equipment.

Class D: Class D connectors are best applied where moisture and vibrational forces are a concern. For increased regulation against moisture and the unfastening of parts, class D connectors are equipped with a sealing grommet attached to the backside of each shell. Composed from aluminum with wires that must be threaded through miniature prefabricated holes along the interior of a grommet, such designs secure the connection between joined cables.

Class K: Constructed from steel, class K connectors are reserved for high risk areas where it is critical that current is not interrupted. Additionally, these parts are fireproof and built to last, even when exposed to a continuous flame. Capable of being crimped to pin or socket contacts, the exterior of class K connectors are always equipped with a steel shell, providing them with a high tolerance to heat and other environmental effects.

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