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Are you looking for NSN parts associated with the CAGE code A0094? NSN fulfillment is your NSN Parts Sourcing solution. We stock hundreds of NATO Stock Number including 2330151307974, 2330151293183, 2330151377567, 2330152302205, 2330151351429. We know parts sourcing can be stressful, so we listed the corresponding E Bartoletti Spa part numbers RTB50A, RTB2B50A, RT140, RIMORCHIO3ASSITIPO14PG5C-795501, RIMORCHIO BIGA 3B2 alongside each NSN. Our dedicated team are on hand to cross-reference any part or answer any purchasing questions. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service, which is why each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. We offer fast lead-times and expedited shipping to all our customers. Submit an RFQ today and receive a competitive quote within 15 minutes.

CAGE Code: A0094

E Bartoletti Spa Parts Catalog

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
TIP03C80 2330-15-130-7974 rimorchio Avl RFQ
TIP02L 2330-15-129-3183 rimorchietto Avl RFQ
TCS 50 B.O 2330-15-137-7567 semirimorchio tcs50 Avl RFQ
SP701 2330-15-230-2205 rimorchio biga u e Avl RFQ
S121V3ASSI30TONN 2330-15-135-1429 semirimorchio Avl RFQ
RTB50A 2330-15-129-3605 telaio Avl RFQ
RTB2B50A 2330-15-129-3604 telaio Avl RFQ
RT140 2330-15-129-3607 telaio Avl RFQ
RIMORCHIO3ASSITIPO14 2330-15-125-5132 rimorchio nuovo bar Avl RFQ
RIMORCHIO BIGA 3B2 2330-15-137-7566 rim biga 3b2 aviotr Avl RFQ
RIMORCHI BARTOLETTI 2330-15-114-9123 trailer flat bed Avl RFQ
RIMGL10RTM 2330-15-128-9477 rimorchio Avl RFQ
RIMB45M 2330-15-128-9481 rimorchio Avl RFQ
RIM48R5G4ASSI48T0N 2330-15-144-6043 rimorchio bartolett Avl RFQ
RIM0RCHI03ASSITIP014 2330-15-163-7871 rimorchio nuovo bar Avl RFQ
RIM0RCHI018T 2330-15-130-6049 rimorchio pianale Avl RFQ
NSN233015R639214 2330-15-184-8959 rimorchio biga Avl RFQ
MOD50IT 2330-15-176-2791 rimorchio stima Avl RFQ
L221S1CARB 2330-15-194-9419 semitrailer tank Avl RFQ
G4L100 2330-15-132-6621 semirimorchio barto Avl RFQ
G4B105-82 2330-15-132-3813 semirimorchio barto Avl RFQ
FTC111SCARB 2330-15-194-2371 semitrailer tank Avl RFQ
FG.27.1073.1 2330-15-174-6950 semitrailer flat be Avl RFQ
FG.27.1072.1 2330-15-174-6949 semitrailer stake Avl RFQ
FG.27.1021.0 2330-15-162-5664 semitrailer cargo Avl RFQ
EX2310RI5205156 2310-15-176-2316 autotelaio didattic Avl RFQ
BARTOLETTI7S2225AS3T 2330-15-122-7279 semirimorchio barto Avl RFQ
BART20-7F0T0 2330-15-135-1204 rimorchio furgonato Avl RFQ
BART0LETTI8RU11RIM 2330-15-135-1323 rimorchio trasporto Avl RFQ
BART0LETTI20-7 2330-15-135-1203 autotelaio rimorchi Avl RFQ
BART0LETTI14RZ22RIM 2330-15-135-1324 rimorchio trasporto Avl RFQ
B40-MGB3.6201 2330-15-137-7565 rimorchio trasporto Avl RFQ
95999293 2320-15-110-6491 calotta Avl RFQ
95999283 2320-15-110-6488 stelospeciale Avl RFQ
95999282 2320-15-110-6487 stelospeciale Avl RFQ
95999281 2320-15-110-6541 testacilindroadazio Avl RFQ
95999280 2320-15-110-6485 anelloindicatore Avl RFQ
95999270 2320-15-110-6492 stelospeciale Avl RFQ
95999269 2320-15-110-6489 cappellotto Avl RFQ
95999241 2320-15-110-6538 curvavalvola Avl RFQ
95999227 2320-15-110-6522 lever manual contro Avl RFQ
95999183 2320-15-110-6524 alberospeciale Avl RFQ
95999182 2320-15-110-6518 alberospeciale Avl RFQ
95999161 2320-15-110-6527 guidatrasmettitore Avl RFQ
95999040 2320-15-110-6469 raccordorapido Avl RFQ
95999030 2320-15-110-6475 piattellovalvola Avl RFQ
95999011 2320-15-110-6471 tassellospeciale Avl RFQ
95973003 2320-15-102-6982 valvola di intercet Avl RFQ
95973002 2320-15-102-7024 valvola speciale Avl RFQ
95973001 2320-15-102-6979 valvola speciale Avl RFQ
95973000 2320-15-102-7088 valvola di stato Avl RFQ
95955000 2320-15-102-7013 perno speciale Avl RFQ
95925001 2320-15-102-6990 fondello valvola Avl RFQ
95925000 2320-15-102-6989 fondello valvola Avl RFQ
95916003 2320-15-102-6978 valvola speciale Avl RFQ
95916002 2320-15-102-7036 cover Avl RFQ
91646251 2320-15-102-7014 nastro metallico co Avl RFQ
91618262 2320-15-102-7018 deviatore pneumatic Avl RFQ
91610251 2320-15-102-7011 dispositivo special Avl RFQ
8700-2L 2330-15-133-0567 rimorchio bartolett Avl RFQ
8201580 2330-15-230-2216 kit tirante rimorc Avl RFQ
639N2LABM0B 2320-15-143-8871 autofurgone Avl RFQ
48R5G 2330-15-144-6043 rimorchio bartolett Avl RFQ
42R54ASSI42T0NN 2330-15-163-7869 rimorchio bartolet Avl RFQ
32.92.053 0 2330-15-065-9652 sella trasporto Avl RFQ 2330-15-100-1567 corpo valvola Avl RFQ
31S22T 2320-15-163-7866 semirimorchio barto Avl RFQ
2ML60 2330-15-129-7602 rimorchio Avl RFQ
2B45MFURGVERSTLC 2330-15-135-1222 rimorchio biga bart Avl RFQ
2B45MFURGVERSC0MM 2330-15-135-1226 rimorchio biga bart Avl RFQ
241)A0094FG.27.1073. 2330-15-174-6950 semitrailer flat be Avl RFQ
241)A0094FG.27.1072. 2330-15-174-6949 semitrailer stake Avl RFQ
22REL22TONN2ASSI 2330-15-135-1500 rimorchio bartolett Avl RFQ
22 R 65 2330-15-113-7490 trailer flat bed Avl RFQ
1PA0094FG.27.1021.0 2330-15-162-5664 semitrailer cargo Avl RFQ
184556 8 2320-15-102-6977 tubo speciale Avl RFQ
184556 2320-15-102-7006 tubo speciale Avl RFQ
184471 2320-15-102-7035 supporto Avl RFQ
184470 2320-15-102-7033 supporto Avl RFQ
183674 2320-15-102-6988 dispositivo di bloc Avl RFQ
183672 2320-15-102-7034 supporto Avl RFQ
182410 2320-15-110-6429 vitespeciale Avl RFQ
181810 2320-15-102-6983 cavo di massa Avl RFQ
18018110 2320-15-110-6438 messaaterra Avl RFQ
0260028043 2330-15-163-7870 timone completo x r Avl RFQ

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