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2222-081-38259, 6934380, 330.1140.940, M1616C11-205-729-0, 330.1140.880 are all associated with the CAGE code 61050 and the manufacturer Vibrograf U S A Corp. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts  under the CAGE code 61050 purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. 

CAGE Code 61050 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : - Business Type : -
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3309A ADP Code : HQ0337

CAGE Code 61050 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 61050 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
2222-081-38259 capacitor electrica 5910-00-041-1671 Avl RFQ
6934380 housing liquid pump 4320-01-496-9128 Avl RFQ
330.1140.940 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-6885 Avl RFQ
M1616C11-205-729-0 gearcase motor 3010-01-266-1160 Avl RFQ
330.1140.880 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-2452 Avl RFQ
B-300 recorder watch move 6695-01-176-2432 Avl RFQ
330.1140.860 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-2451 Avl RFQ
330.1140.910 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-6882 Avl RFQ
200.846 switch rotary 5930-01-186-5179 Avl RFQ
200.825 resistor variable 5905-01-177-2815 Avl RFQ
725005-224 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-6882 Avl RFQ
B-300 OR B-500 recorder watch move 6695-01-176-2432 Avl RFQ
100C-11 capacitor electrica 5910-00-041-1671 Avl RFQ
200.780 transformer power 5950-01-177-1216 Avl RFQ
B200A recorder watch move 6695-01-176-2432 Avl RFQ
19200 chart 7640-01-149-4196 Avl RFQ
330.1180.1050 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-6884 Avl RFQ
200.828 switch rotary 5930-01-186-5177 Avl RFQ
330.1170.985 circuit card assemb 5998-01-176-6883 Avl RFQ
200-181 roller recording in 6645-01-149-4231 Avl RFQ
200.829 switch rotary 5930-01-186-5178 Avl RFQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CAGE Code 61050

What Is the Importance of CAGE Code 61050?
  • CAGE Code 61050 is an identification code assigned to the manufacturer Vibrograf U S A Corp. In general, a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to a particular facility or location where an entity operates, and it confirms that they are qualified to supply products to the federal government.
Which Products Are Associated with CAGE Code 61050?
  • The items we stock from the manufacturer Vibrograf U S A Corp. under the CAGE Code 61050 include part numbers such as 2222-081-38259, 6934380, 330.1140.940, M1616C11-205-729-0, 330.1140.880. For reference, the item names for these part numbers in listing format are Capacitor Electrica, Housing Liquid Pump, Circuit Card Assemb, Gearcase Motor, Recorder Watch Move respectively.
What Is a CAO Code, and Which CAO Code Is Used for CAGE Code 61050?
  • A CAGE Contract Administration Office (CAO) code is a type of machine-generated code typically used alongside Automatic Data Processing Point codes to identify the primary business activity of the entity holding the particular CAGE Code. For CAGE Code 61050, the CAO code is listed as S3309A.
What Is an ADP, and Which ADP Code Is Assigned to CAGE Code 61050?
  • Automatic Data Processing Point codes, also known as ADPP or ADP point codes, are machine-generated numbers used in conjunction with CAO codes for transactional processes. The CAGE Code 61050, is linked with the ADP code HQ0337.
Where Is the Vibrograf U S A Corp. Facility Tied to CAGE Code 61050 Located?
  • Vibrograf U S A Corp. was located at 504 CHERRY LN FLORAL PARK, NY, 11001-1613 UNITED STATES while operating under CAGE Code 61050.
Did Vibrograf U S A Corp. Have Any Special Ownership Characteristics While Operating under CAGE Code 61050?
  • No, Vibrograf U S A Corp. was not a woman-owned entity and did not have any other special business type associated with CAGE Code 61050.
How Can I Request a Quote for Parts Associated with CAGE Code 61050?
  • If you find any part number of interest listed within our CAGE Code 61050 catalog, we encourage you to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) form through our website. Our quotation process is quick and seamless, with our experts using the information you provide within your submission to offer tailored procurement options, all within 15 minutes of our review.

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