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We stock premium parts under the FSC 3960 Freight Elevators such as 1 18-A-SL-1-CC, 1-4IN, 10-19003B, 10019, 10052B, from premium NSN parts manufacturers such as Dover Corp, Westinghouse Electric Corp, Schindler Haughton Elevator Corp, Sheffer Corporation, Boeing Company The. We are committed to only sourcing and shipping quality parts, which is why we uphold a NO CHINA SOURCING policy. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfillment is your one-stop-stop for all your FSC parts purchasing needs. 

Our team perform visual checks on all parts and verify all certs and paperwork. We ship using our ASAP chain that includes features such as expedited shipping and same-day delivery. Submit an RFQ and receive a response within 15 minutes.

Manufacturer's List for FSC 3960 Freight Elevators

3960 Freight Elevators Catalog

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
0060-2-4A3-11 3960-00-066-5828 coil assembly eleva Avl RFQ
0060-2-7K1-27 3960-00-066-5844 spring assembly ele Avl RFQ
06917 3960-00-522-1304 interlock electrica Avl RFQ
0723076 3960-00-818-8821 holder Avl RFQ
0E800B 3960-00-446-1096 brush Avl RFQ
1 18-A-SL-1-CC 3960-01-202-3376 cylinder actuating Avl RFQ
1-4IN 3960-00-962-9505 bumper rubber stand Avl RFQ
10-19003B 3960-00-522-1268 insulator Avl RFQ
10019 3960-00-444-7062 interlock assembly Avl RFQ
10052B 3960-00-801-5090 contact Avl RFQ
10053B 3960-00-801-5081 contact Avl RFQ
10062 3960-00-017-0617 contact assembly mo Avl RFQ
10062P 3960-00-963-4913 contact relay movin Avl RFQ
1030912 3960-00-475-1396 bearing Avl RFQ
106-6522 3960-00-444-7081 relay Avl RFQ
10753B 3960-00-523-0654 plate cast grid Avl RFQ
10753C 3960-00-523-0655 plate cast grid Avl RFQ
10836R 3960-00-697-8581 bracket assembly Avl RFQ
10838 3960-00-533-7707 washer insulated Avl RFQ
108401 3960-00-522-1178 grid resistor Avl RFQ
10946B 3960-00-818-8557 drive Avl RFQ
10A70000-001 3960-01-163-4389 elevator portable Avl RFQ
10K2081G1 3960-00-523-0530 lever switch Avl RFQ
111212 3960-00-522-1206 holder brush Avl RFQ
11182D 3960-00-446-1080 pulley assembly Avl RFQ
11187HTYPERB 3960-00-962-9593 plley assembly oper Avl RFQ
1127781 3960-00-475-1397 bearing Avl RFQ
11414B 3960-00-446-1086 liner Avl RFQ
1171678 3960-00-475-1340 motor Avl RFQ
1178570 3960-00-475-1339 motor Avl RFQ
1178592 3960-00-475-1342 motor Avl RFQ
1188351 3960-00-475-1200 brush Avl RFQ
11913C 3960-00-533-7343 roller assembly Avl RFQ
12175 3960-00-533-7233 resistor 10 ohms Avl RFQ
12188 3960-00-533-7248 resistor 200 ohms Avl RFQ
1266582 3960-00-962-9491 spring governor Avl RFQ
13443 3960-00-522-1113 dashpot assembly Avl RFQ
135198 3960-00-697-8456 bearing generator e Avl RFQ
139921 3960-00-475-1199 brush Avl RFQ
142773 3960-00-511-7395 coil Avl RFQ
143127 3960-00-523-0466 contact assy electr Avl RFQ
1445307 3960-00-818-8480 contact finger Avl RFQ
1468908 3960-00-818-8481 contact tip Avl RFQ
14806R 3960-00-522-1112 dashpot assembly Avl RFQ
14808K 3960-00-522-1106 dashpot acceleratio Avl RFQ
14809K 3960-00-522-1110 dashpot piston assy Avl RFQ
14971A 3960-00-523-0531 lever switch Avl RFQ
14971C 3960-00-445-0421 lever assembly Avl RFQ
14972 3960-00-444-7065 lever lock Avl RFQ
14972A 3960-00-444-7066 lever lock Avl RFQ
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