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Are you looking for NSN parts of 3 Phoenix Inc associated with the (CAGE Code 3NJE3)? NSN fulfillment is your NSN Parts Sourcing solution. We stock hundreds of NATO Stock Number including 6150015893619, 5998016039862, 6150015893570, 5998016039867, 6150015891979. We know parts sourcing can be stressful, so we listed the corresponding 3 Phoenix Inc part numbers ISIS10452M, 8211951 1, ISIS10152M, 5001229-01, 10G-PCIE-8AL-R+E alongside each NSN. Our dedicated team are on hand to cross-reference any part or answer any purchasing questions. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service, which is why each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. We offer fast lead-times and expedited shipping to all our customers. Submit an RFQ today and receive a competitive quote within 15 minutes.

CAGE Code: 3NJE3

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
7001009-01 6150-01-589-3619 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
ISIS10150M 5998-01-603-9862 nrp assy conv mdl 2 Avl RFQ
7001004 01 6150-01-589-3570 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
ISIS10153M 5998-01-603-9867 nrp assy video mdl Avl RFQ
7001039-01 6150-01-589-1979 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
ISIS10452M 5998-01-601-0727 nrp processor cont Avl RFQ
8211951 1 5998-01-633-2826 electronic componen Avl RFQ
ISIS10152M 5998-01-603-9866 nrp assy power mdl Avl RFQ
5001229-01 5999-01-590-2128 shielding gasket el Avl RFQ
10G-PCIE-8AL-R+E 5998-01-580-9467 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
ISIS10214M 5998-01-600-9862 nrp assy power mdl Avl RFQ
ISIS10212M 5998-01-600-9861 nrp assy conv mdl 2 Avl RFQ
5001224-02 5975-01-588-5421 panel electrical el Avl RFQ
ISIS10148M 5998-01-603-9871 nrp assy cont mdl Avl RFQ
7001007-01 6150-01-589-1991 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
8211926-1 5999-01-628-7702 cvd 688i ti10 Avl RFQ
ISIS10151M 5998-01-603-9865 nrp assy conv mdl 3 Avl RFQ
ISIS20122M 5915-01-595-6974 filter assembly ele Avl RFQ
ISIS10154M 5998-01-603-9872 nrp assy vid mdl mo Avl RFQ
7001005-01 5995-01-589-3573 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
7001003-01 5995-01-589-2100 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
7001010 01 5995-01-589-3624 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
8211958 1 5998-01-625-3698 vpa mdl isis i Avl RFQ
ISIS10257M 6130-01-601-0520 nrp power module ps Avl RFQ
7001008-01 6150-01-589-1994 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
5001194 07 5975-01-581-4501 panel electrical el Avl RFQ
7001002-01 5995-01-589-2046 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
ISIS10149M 5998-01-603-9861 nrp assy conv mdl 1 Avl RFQ
5001194-08 5975-01-581-4506 panel electrical el Avl RFQ
8212230-7 5998-01-615-3217 nrp auxiliary contr Avl RFQ
7001001-01 6150-01-589-3586 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
17-675 5930-01-594-2392 guard switch Avl RFQ

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