How to Replace the Head Gasket on an Air Compressor?

In an air compressor, the head gasket serves to form a seal between the cylinder head and the valve plate assembly. After prolonged use, the inner portion of the gasket will likely begin to deteriorate, causing a leak within the compressor pump. The head gasket is also susceptible to damage and should be inspected whenever the pump is serviced. If your compressor isn’t working up to standard, replacing the gasket head may be the solution. In this blog, we will cover the twelve steps to replacing the head gasket on an air compressor.

Remove the manifold cover: To remove the manifold cover, simply remove the retaining screw and lift the manifold cover away from the unit.

Remove the pump assembly from the tank: To do this, remove the front and rear retaining screws. Next, slide the pump assembly to the side and lift the pump assembly away from the tank, placing it on a flat work surface.

Remove the top handle: Remove the two retaining screws and lift the top handle from the pump housing.

Remove the rear pump housing cover: There are three retaining screws on the rear pump housing cover. Once these are removed, take off the cover.

Remove the pump from the housing: Before doing this, make note of the original wiring configuration. First, use long-nosed pliers to disconnect the front wire from the field. Next, using a flat-blade screwdriver, disconnect the ground wire from the pump and partially remove the pump from the housing to expose the rear wire connections. Finally, use long-nosed pliers to disconnect the rear wire from the field, and rotate & slide the pump assembly away from the housing.

Disassemble the pump: Using a small socket wrench, loosen and remove the bolts from the cylinder head. Separate the pump and internal components from the cylinder head.

Rebuild the compressor pump: Align the new cylinder gasket with the valve plate assembly and the compressor pump. Install the cylinder head and head bolts, torquing them to the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the compressor.

Reinstall the pump into the housing: Reconnect the rear wire to the field terminal. Then, align the feet on the compressor pump with the grooves in the housing, and slide the pump fully into position within the housing. Next, reconnect the front wire to the field terminal and the ground wire to the pump, securing it with the screw.

Reinstall the rear housing cover: Install the rear portion of the pump housing and secure it with screws.

Reinstall the top handle: Install the top handle to the pump housing, securing the top handle with screws.

Reinstall the pump assembly: Align the entire pump assembly with the compressor tank and slide the pump assembly into place upon the isolator feet. Secure the pump to the tank using the front and rear mounting screws.

Reinstall the manifold cover: Finally, install the manifold cover and secure it in place with a screw.

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July 14, 2023

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