How Digital Fuel Management is Used to Increase Airline Fuel Efficiency?

There are many ways in which fuel efficiency may be increased, and aircraft owners can implement various systems and devices to optimize their operations. Digital fuel quantity management is one major way in which efficiency may be improved, presenting cost and time savings over time with use.

Just as the name implies, digital fuel management is the digitalization of the aircraft fueling process. Rather than follow more manual processes and person-to-person communication, all procedures are digital as the airliner and fuel provider connect through a data distribution platform. With this distribution platform, providers and airliners may exchange flight plans, fuel orders, process milestones, receipts, acknowledgments, fuel indicators, and other information and data pertinent to fuel management operations.

The digitalization of fuel management processes holds many benefits, one of which is increasing the efficiency of the fueling process itself. Reducing turnaround times is crucial for airline operations, ensuring that a minimal amount of time is spent on the ground between flights. On average, the use of digital fuel management systems can reduce the time spent for fueling processes upwards of 25%. This is due in part to the replacement and streamlining of manual procedures, allowing for workloads to effectively be reduced. Through the elimination of the manual forwarding of fuel receipts to the back office and the ease of confirming invoices, time and costs are saved through a reduction in management.

Digitalization also benefits the fueling process in terms of fuel quality, often preventing many of the mistakes and errors that come about during manual procedures. Errors and mistakes commonly occur during the documentation process, and incorrect flight numbers, figures, and other information can result in airliners having to undertake long and intensive quality checks. Through digital fuel management, data quality is bolstered to a degree that extensive quality checks are eliminated and invoices are kept accurate throughout all processes.

As stated before, minimizing turnaround times is crucial for cost savings, thus airliners seek to avoid any form of delay. Fuel-related issues often account for almost 2% of all airport delays, thus the efficiency provided by digital fuel management systems can bolster operations to save time. As the cockpit crew can also rapidly relay messages for refueling requests, processes can be initiated well before the aircraft lands so that fuel pump and servicing equipment is ready upon touchdown.

Digitalization can serve as one of the first steps of automation, further opening doors of efficiency increases. Ranging from cockpit tasks to back office operations, many operations have the capability of becoming automated in the future. As more data is collected through enhanced analytics, processes can be further improved and streamlined to increase efficiency and cost-savings.

While the implementation of digital fuel management systems can be costly, the savings that they bring come very quick. Additionally, such systems can be implemented fast, making them a worthwhile investment to any airliner. If you are seeking to improve your fuel management processes and require fuel testing equipment, a fuel pump, or other various aircraft parts, look no further than NSN Fulfillment.

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July 14, 2023

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