How Are Jet Engines Tested?

Jet engines are the heart and soul of modern aircraft, making the act of flying at incredible speeds possible. But in order to be sure that they work and it's safe to fly, jet engines need to adhere to strict standards and be rigorously tested for compliance. These standards are primarily for safety, but they're also for efficiency.

Jet engines are tested at several different stages, which include the manufacturing process, during engine installation on the aircraft, and following an overhaul or repair inspection during maintenance on the aircraft. During these tests, it's expected that the engine can handle debris, dust, sand, hail, snow, ice, excessive amounts of water, and all other situations an aircraft might encounter. All of these tests take up a high majority of the development costs of making an aircraft engine and can take years of development.

During the installation of the engine on the aircraft, these tests determine many functionality factors. For example, pressure checks are important because they insure the engine is creating the necessary thrust. Vibration and balance checks make sure the thrust is being directed in the correct direction and the engine is secured onto the aircraft wing. Oil and fuel checks are also important— they are intended to test that the fuel and computer systems are functioning properly. Lastly, leakage checks are done to verify all the fuel lines and lubricants are being distributed properly, with no leaks. Leaks can be disastrous and cause horrific accidents. 

Sometimes engines are also tested off the aircraft in a stand-alone configuration. This is used in situations where the aircraft engine has hit its limit on hours of operation and is being overhauled or refurbished. This is usually done every five years and determines that if the engine meets all technical requirements to maintain its flying status.

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