7 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

High speed fiber optic networks allows for faster internet to homes, nonprofit organizations and entities, and businesses and further enables for more productivity in the day-to-day task load, whether it’s sending emails, booking tickets to concerts, or streaming your favorite episode of The Office (aka The Dinner Party). There are a multitude of benefits to having fiber optic connectivity, some of which you can read more about in the article below.


The faster your connection to the internet, the better for your productivity. While copper internet connections once reigned supreme, today it is fiber optic connectors that gain the title of speediest internet service. This is even more beneficial for businesses that frequently publish and exchange large videos and data files. Not only does fiber optic cables provide for faster service, it also enables faster upload and download speed. This rapid symmetric speed is something that fiber optics competitors can’t compete with.


Sending data over to a different location can be risky if you don’t have the most secure connections. Precious information, including that containing your financial records, private addresses, and personal information are at a risk when they are transferred over on a line. Wireless and copper lines can be dangerously compromised, but with fiber optic connectors, it’s virtually impossible to hack into or steal personal data. This is because fiber optics do not radiate signals. If you want to avoid any costly financial breach, using fiber optic connectors is your solution.


Consistency is key to a reliable uptime and data transmission. Fiber optic connectors essentially guarantee this as they are made with materials (mostly glass) that make them an extremely dependable conductor. Fiber optic networks are also more resistant to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, crosstalk, impedance and other problems such as temperature change and water damage.


The cost of fiber optics has decreased significantly over recent years. It’s become much more accessible to the general public with affordable options being available in the market. For higher bandwidth needs, the cost of connectivity over fiber is less than the amount from phone cables or alternative legacy TVs.

Lower Processing Signals

One common internet speed issue that comes up frequently is the issue of latency, otherwise known as delays that occur while data is processing over an internet connection. Fiber optic connectors help to significantly decrease latency. With faster download processing time for high definition video content, fiber optic connectors are clearly the superior choice for many business and everyday consumers.

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