Parts Catalog for Honeywell International Inc (27914 CAGE Code) Components

13012-0317, RCA8203A, C2088280 4, 10018865-003, 8050234-0001 are all associated with the CAGE code 27914 and the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts  under the CAGE code 27914 purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. 

CAGE Code 27914 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : G CAO Code : S1002A ADP Code : HQ0338

CAGE Code 27914 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 27914 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
13012-0317 crystal unit quartz 5955-00-127-9841 Avl RFQ
RCA8203A transistor 5961-01-036-6336 Avl RFQ
C2088280 4 terminal lug 5940-00-113-3136 Avl RFQ
10018865-003 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-681-7400 Avl RFQ
8050234-0001 pawl 3040-01-497-6199 Avl RFQ
2088203 2 semiconductor devic 5961-00-953-4534 Avl RFQ
L2088495-14 resistor fixed film 5905-00-910-6648 Avl RFQ
MD50M4B300-451-5 connector receptacl 5935-01-126-5299 Avl RFQ
2089671-0701 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-188-7448 Avl RFQ
CAL17079-2PC10 screw machine 5305-00-207-4995 Avl RFQ
11120-0005 resistor variable n 5905-01-110-3132 Avl RFQ
811-000-142 coil electrical 5950-00-795-2872 Avl RFQ
2033726-0003 standoff threaded spacing 5340-00-978-8996 Avl RFQ
10251-0020 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-196-5108 Avl RFQ
8050916-0002 pin grooved headles 5315-01-288-9497 Avl RFQ
N2086179 3 transformer audio f 5950-01-061-2003 Avl RFQ
GA10J capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-686-6855 Avl RFQ
12046 0015 transistor 5961-00-708-5020 Avl RFQ
L2088497-18 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-899-8526 Avl RFQ
0180-2749 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-196-5108 Avl RFQ
105-00046-0011 capacitor fixed met 5910-01-447-2046 Avl RFQ
24394 0016 insert electrical c 5935-00-496-7653 Avl RFQ
2088096 157 crystal unit quartz 5955-00-942-4108 Avl RFQ
2607883-630 stator generator 6620-01-271-4630 Avl RFQ
3603425-0003 cover access 5340-01-150-7210 Avl RFQ
36037-2305 washer lock 5310-01-051-9650 Avl RFQ
W01MF1400VDC capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-837-3462 Avl RFQ
2089041-7 stud assembly turnl 5325-01-112-4458 Avl RFQ
C222489-1 delay line 5999-00-334-9488 Avl RFQ
3X-473-1F capacitor fixed pla 5910-01-294-9410 Avl RFQ
249-5027-017 contact electrical 5999-01-383-1871 Avl RFQ
3604978 0501 circuit card assemb 5998-01-548-5047 Avl RFQ
2087962-0101 control unit 1680-01-017-9560 Avl RFQ
12043-0159 semiconductor devic 5961-01-336-4449 Avl RFQ
3200-1183-1 resistor variable w 5905-00-054-7241 Avl RFQ
22023L2 cable special purpo 6145-00-500-2651 Avl RFQ
DM15F171G capacitor fixed mic 5910-00-836-4534 Avl RFQ
8198273 switch toggle 5930-00-683-2820 Avl RFQ
10190-0328 capacitor fixed pla 5910-01-105-1150 Avl RFQ
2088619 7 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-739-7755 Avl RFQ
13012-0432 crystal unit quartz 5955-01-229-3964 Avl RFQ
26219-0002 plate identification 9905-01-362-7478 Avl RFQ
13010-0042 crystal unit quartz 5955-01-032-0069 Avl RFQ
4007867-0501 printed circuit boa 5998-01-251-2315 Avl RFQ
C2088013 bracket eye rotatin 3040-01-332-7722 Avl RFQ
24127-0004 connector plug elec 5935-01-433-2149 Avl RFQ
6S124C71 resistor fixed comp 5905-00-721-0674 Avl RFQ
2088181-0014 resistor variable n 5905-00-665-4947 Avl RFQ
21023-0201 lamp incandescent 6240-01-134-2151 Avl RFQ
32002-004D terminal lug 5940-01-341-8015 Avl RFQ
287208-1 connector receptacl 5935-00-201-8199 Avl RFQ
2072678 microcircuit memory 5962-01-291-4482 Avl RFQ
2068599 0705 switch waveguide 5985-01-495-3531 Avl RFQ
A27056B reactor transformer 5950-00-648-0799 Avl RFQ
2040572-0501 power supply subassembly 6130-01-199-1034 Avl RFQ
2089769-0701 relay electromagnet 5945-00-951-8575 Avl RFQ
10249-0102 capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-270-0282 Avl RFQ
190819 contact electrical 5999-01-552-6948 Avl RFQ
2088096-0313 crystal unit quartz 5955-00-127-9837 Avl RFQ
L285492-1 transformer power a 5950-00-912-6619 Avl RFQ
DS0026CN microcircuit linear 5962-01-006-8385 Avl RFQ
10191 420 1 2 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-080-6305 Avl RFQ
10189-0001 capacitor variable 5910-01-039-7191 Avl RFQ
2088713-1 switch ferrite 5985-00-419-8009 Avl RFQ
11160-0032 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-459-2183 Avl RFQ
10205-432 capacitor fixed mic 5910-00-097-8059 Avl RFQ
2082041 0001 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-836-8426 Avl RFQ
L2088254-1REVC capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-713-3892 Avl RFQ
2088789-0003 knob 5355-00-733-6815 Avl RFQ
34001-0016 standoff threaded s 5340-01-421-7554 Avl RFQ
2035628 insulator plate 5970-01-288-9596 Avl RFQ
745524-2 terminal stud 5940-00-539-2173 Avl RFQ
RN55C2523F resistor fixed film 5905-01-014-9789 Avl RFQ
L2088016-0013 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-837-3463 Avl RFQ
2068223-0701 transformer power 5950-00-406-8883 Avl RFQ
8050842-0001 washer flat 5310-01-285-6975 Avl RFQ
4004796 gear spur 3020-01-331-5621 Avl RFQ
2088175 20 resistor thermal 5905-00-910-6655 Avl RFQ
24293-0014 connector receptacl 5935-01-386-8744 Avl RFQ
8056975 0504 circuit card assemb 5998-01-389-1856 Avl RFQ
L2088016-9 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-866-2535 Avl RFQ
8057456-0503 cable assembly set electrical 5995-01-367-1547 Avl RFQ
BR4-233-5W2 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-725-8938 Avl RFQ
TAS226K015P1A capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-989-2584 Avl RFQ
2088110-0001 capacitor fixed cer 5910-00-725-7673 Avl RFQ
17386-0001 transformer power 5950-01-039-6269 Avl RFQ
RB11120-0012 resistor variable n 5905-00-145-9751 Avl RFQ
GA2M028S103TC resistor variable n 5905-00-901-4076 Avl RFQ
SPT90456C capacitor variable 5910-00-944-3601 Avl RFQ
2036675-0501 cover access 5340-01-243-8402 Avl RFQ
240484-1 bushing sleeve 3120-00-982-6163 Avl RFQ
2068095-0707 filter band pass 5915-01-047-9518 Avl RFQ
40008 0043 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-204-3448 Avl RFQ
9235 gasket 5330-01-341-8026 Avl RFQ
SMDPLM74 connector plug elec 5935-00-258-4368 Avl RFQ
40D505F050BB4 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-438-0316 Avl RFQ
10289 0002 capacitor variable 5910-01-362-7502 Avl RFQ
64Y503T000 resistor variable n 5905-01-041-1270 Avl RFQ
10219-0084 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-470-0474 Avl RFQ
43010-0022 insulator washer 5970-01-200-7770 Avl RFQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CAGE Code 27914

What Is the Importance of CAGE Code 27914?
  • CAGE Code 27914 is an identification code assigned to the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. In general, a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to a particular facility or location where an entity operates, and it confirms that they are qualified to supply products to the federal government.
Which Products Are Associated with CAGE Code 27914?
  • The items we stock from the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. under the CAGE Code 27914 include part numbers such as 13012-0317, RCA8203A, C2088280 4, 10018865-003, 8050234-0001. For reference, the item names for these part numbers in listing format are Crystal Unit Quartz, Transistor, Terminal Lug, Capacitor Fixed Pap, Pawl respectively.
What Is a CAO Code, and Which CAO Code Is Used for CAGE Code 27914?
  • A CAGE Contract Administration Office (CAO) code is a type of machine-generated code typically used alongside Automatic Data Processing Point codes to identify the primary business activity of the entity holding the particular CAGE Code. For CAGE Code 27914, the CAO code is listed as S1002A.
What Is an ADP, and Which ADP Code Is Assigned to CAGE Code 27914?
  • Automatic Data Processing Point codes, also known as ADPP or ADP point codes, are machine-generated numbers used in conjunction with CAO codes for transactional processes. The CAGE Code 27914, is linked with the ADP code HQ0338.
Where Is the Honeywell International Inc. Facility Tied to CAGE Code 27914 Located?
  • Honeywell International Inc. was located at 1401 W CYPRESS CREEK RD FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, 33309-1969 UNITED STATES while operating under CAGE Code 27914.
Did Honeywell International Inc. Have Any Special Ownership Characteristics While Operating under CAGE Code 27914?
  • No, Honeywell International Inc. was not a woman-owned entity and did not have any other special business type associated with CAGE Code 27914.
How Can I Request a Quote for Parts Associated with CAGE Code 27914?
  • If you find any part number of interest listed within our CAGE Code 27914 catalog, we encourage you to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) form through our website. Our quotation process is quick and seamless, with our experts using the information you provide within your submission to offer tailored procurement options, all within 15 minutes of our review.

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