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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. XHG27241NT10, XA40234, X66F8610, X1048, X1043A are all associated with the CAGE code 00062 and the manufacturer Marine Electric Systems Llc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 00062 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3101A ADP Code : HQ0337
Manufacturer: Marine Electric Systems Llc

CAGE Code 00062 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 00062 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
XHG27241NT10 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-983-4837 Avl RFQ
XA40234 switch push 5930-00-099-0568 Avl RFQ
X66F8610 inverter power stat 6130-00-105-4610 Avl RFQ
X1048 transformer power 5950-01-165-0025 Avl RFQ
X1043A transformer power 5950-00-208-4371 Avl RFQ
X1043 transformer power 5950-00-208-4371 Avl RFQ
X1042 transformer power 5950-00-208-4369 Avl RFQ
X1041 transformer power 5950-00-171-0164 Avl RFQ
X1036 transformer power 5950-00-171-0163 Avl RFQ
X1033 transformer power 5950-00-171-0162 Avl RFQ
X1032 reactor 5950-00-205-9857 Avl RFQ
X1031 transformer power 5950-00-171-0161 Avl RFQ
X1030 reactor 5950-01-036-0983 Avl RFQ
X1029 transformer power 5950-00-163-7169 Avl RFQ
X1028 amplifier magnetic 5996-00-163-7168 Avl RFQ
X1027 transformer power 5950-00-391-2293 Avl RFQ
X1026 reactor 5950-01-036-0135 Avl RFQ
X1025 amplifier magnetic 5996-00-163-7165 Avl RFQ
X1006 amplifier magnetic 5996-00-835-5262 Avl RFQ
X1005 coil electrical 5950-00-785-5488 Avl RFQ
X1003 transformer 5950-00-835-5253 Avl RFQ
X 1010 amplifier magnetic 5996-01-269-0685 Avl RFQ
WN501 resistor variable w 5905-00-122-3252 Avl RFQ
WN103 resistor variable w 5905-00-122-3255 Avl RFQ
WN-501 resistor variable w 5905-00-122-3254 Avl RFQ
WCHH700000 switch rotary 5930-01-309-8451 Avl RFQ
VR2502-C regulator voltage 6110-01-172-6953 Avl RFQ
VALVE PIECE 36 CELL IC CN8-N2-S3 valve and cell asse 4820-01-194-6919 Avl RFQ
VALVE PC 36 CEL valve and cell asse 4820-01-194-6919 Avl RFQ
UA723 microcircuit linear 5962-01-089-2072 Avl RFQ
TYPE B 304 lens light 6210-00-497-1133 Avl RFQ
TYKA5DY relay electromagnet 5945-00-906-1492 Avl RFQ
TWC-2A-LT cell salinity detec 6680-00-588-7625 Avl RFQ
TWC-1A-LT cell salinity detec 6680-00-588-7625 Avl RFQ
TT(3W)-2 electronic components assembly 6110-01-269-4434 Avl RFQ
TT(3W)-2 electronic componen 5998-01-269-4434 Avl RFQ
TT 3W 2MODULE electronic componen 5998-01-078-3744 Avl RFQ
TS154-CC-6VDC relay electromagnet 5945-01-286-3621 Avl RFQ
TS154-CC-6V relay electromagnet 5945-01-286-3621 Avl RFQ
TS154-2C6VDC relay electromagnet 5945-01-286-3621 Avl RFQ
TS154-2C-24V relay electromagnet 5945-01-240-2974 Avl RFQ
TS154-2C relay electromagnet 5945-01-286-3621 Avl RFQ
TRE-260-N temperature indicat 6680-01-171-9553 Avl RFQ
TRE-260 temperature indicat 6680-01-171-9553 Avl RFQ
TRE-1000-N transmitter tempera 6685-01-328-2144 Avl RFQ
TF3W2 flasher module 5945-01-109-7324 Avl RFQ
T5000A converter electrica 6130-00-146-9813 Avl RFQ
T31019 transformer power 5950-00-236-5309 Avl RFQ
T30986 transformer power 5950-01-079-7007 Avl RFQ
T29603 transformer current 5950-00-576-8113 Avl RFQ
T29601 transformer power 5950-00-584-0642 Avl RFQ
T28503 transformer current 5950-01-015-5839 Avl RFQ
T28467 transformer electri 5950-00-477-2576 Avl RFQ
T27896 transformer power 5950-01-023-1466 Avl RFQ
T27796 transformer power 5950-00-477-2572 Avl RFQ
T25281 transformer power 5950-00-538-2508 Avl RFQ
T2503C transformer 5950-01-176-4863 Avl RFQ
T2501 transformer audio f 5950-01-176-4861 Avl RFQ
T2500AWITHSG34E converter electrica 6130-00-406-5712 Avl RFQ
T2014 transformer power 5950-00-441-7879 Avl RFQ
T1986 transformer power 5950-00-173-5718 Avl RFQ
T1967 transformer power 5950-00-173-5717 Avl RFQ
T1963-1 transformer power 5950-00-232-8243 Avl RFQ
T1963 transformer power 5950-00-232-8243 Avl RFQ
T1950 transformer power 5950-00-173-5715 Avl RFQ
T1938 transformer power 5950-01-124-8843 Avl RFQ
T1927 reactor 5950-00-173-5714 Avl RFQ
T1926 transformer power 5950-00-173-5710 Avl RFQ
T1925 transformer power 5950-00-173-5707 Avl RFQ
T1924 transformer power 5950-00-182-7382 Avl RFQ
T1923 amplifier magnetic 5996-00-173-5706 Avl RFQ
T1922 transformer power 5950-00-173-5705 Avl RFQ
T1921 transformer power 5950-00-174-0525 Avl RFQ
T1920 reactor 5950-00-174-0506 Avl RFQ
T1919 transformer power 5950-00-174-0504 Avl RFQ
T1918 transformer power 5950-00-174-0502 Avl RFQ
T1904 transformer power 5950-00-171-0154 Avl RFQ
T1902 reactor 5950-00-232-8240 Avl RFQ
T1901 transformer power 5950-00-232-8235 Avl RFQ
T1900 transformer power 5950-00-232-8224 Avl RFQ
T1874 transformer power 5950-00-205-9841 Avl RFQ
T1817C reactor 5950-00-165-3607 Avl RFQ
T1817 reactor 5950-00-449-6754 Avl RFQ
T1816 reactor 5950-00-974-8956 Avl RFQ
T1795 transformer power 5950-00-917-9878 Avl RFQ
T1793-C2695 transformer power 5950-01-228-6728 Avl RFQ
T1793 transformer power 5950-01-109-7409 Avl RFQ
T1792-D2792 transformer current 5950-01-194-2767 Avl RFQ
T1792 transformer power 5950-01-109-7408 Avl RFQ
T1791-D2792 transformer power 5950-01-225-8756 Avl RFQ
T1791 transformer power 5950-01-225-8756 Avl RFQ
T1783 transformer power 5950-00-163-7164 Avl RFQ
T1782 transformer power 5950-00-163-7163 Avl RFQ
T1781 transformer power 5950-00-163-7162 Avl RFQ
T1778 transformer power 5950-00-163-7161 Avl RFQ
T1777 transformer power 5950-00-163-7160 Avl RFQ
T1769 transformer power 5950-01-173-8223 Avl RFQ
T1760 transformer power 5950-00-171-0147 Avl RFQ
T1759 transformer power 5950-00-171-0146 Avl RFQ
T1751 transformer power 5950-01-173-2756 Avl RFQ
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