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NSN Fulfillment has part numbers D-2898 PIECE 21, 4 1-2 - 8N ROUND SPL, 4 1-2 - 8N RPUN D (SPL, 4 1-2 - 8UN ROU ND (SPL, 4 1-2 - 8UN ROU ND (SPL of NIIN 013233793 in stock and ready to ship. To help each customer navigate our unrivaled inventory, each part we sell is listed with its corresponding NSN, NIIN, CAGE Code, and manufacturer. So whether you search for 5310013233793, or U8761, 87045, you will be directed right to the part you seek. As the only independent military aircraft parts and NSN parts distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy, we can guarantee that each NIIN 013233793 part we sell will be shipped to you with short lead times and come from a trusted manufacturer such as Fairchild Semiconductor Corp, Philips Semiconductors Ltd. To experience how NSN Fulfillment is revamping the parts procurement process, submit an RFQ today.

Manufacturer's List for NIIN 013233793

bosch rexroth ltd walz and krenzer inc

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): NIIN 013233793

What is NIIN 013233793?
  • Generally, National Item Identification Numbers (NIIN) are 9-digit codes used within the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to identify standardized items of supply. The first two digits of NIIN 013233793 are the NCB, which denotes the United States as having codified the item. Meanwhile, the next 7 digits serve as a unique identifier for the specific item.
Which Manufacturers Are Associated with NSN 5310013233793 for NIIN 013233793 Parts?
  • The trusted manufacturers that we have listed alongside the NIIN 013233793 and NSN 5310013233793 are Bosch Rexroth Ltd, Walz And Krenzer Inc.
What Part Numbers Are Available under NIIN 013233793?
  • The part numbers available under NIIN 013233793 include D-2898 PIECE 21, 4 1-2 - 8N ROUND SPL, 4 1-2 - 8N RPUN D (SPL, 4 1-2 - 8UN ROU ND (SPL, 4 1-2 - 8UN ROU ND (SPL and others.
What Is the CAGE Code for NIIN 013233793?
  • The CAGE Codes associated with NIIN 013233793 on our website are U8761, 87045 which belong to the manufacturers Bosch Rexroth Ltd, Walz And Krenzer Inc respectively. CAGE Codes are unique identifiers for the facilities or locations that manufacturers produce parts in, contributing to facilitating seamless procurement and supply chain management.
How Can I Procure Parts with the NIIN 013233793?
  • To procure parts with NIIN 013233793, customers can submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) form as provided on our website. After providing our team with pertinent details about your requirements on a form, you will receive a curated quotation within 15 minutes of our receipt and review.
How Can I Find Specific Parts with the NIIN 013233793?
  • Customers can search for specific parts of need using our provided search engine, or they can browse through all related part numbers within our NIIN catalog. Additionally, customers can peruse an associated selection of items under the NSN 5310013233793.

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