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CAGE Code: 16469

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
4004455 5960-01-009-2579 electron tube Avl RFQ
MIS-35936 5 4931-01-019-7877 module plug in Avl RFQ
FYLM43400-50 6105-00-404-1637 motor direct curren Avl RFQ
DE100055-031 5940-01-508-9750 terminal stud Avl RFQ
30B1963 5930-01-225-7613 switch interlock Avl RFQ
11B1233 5310-00-834-2991 nut grid skirt Avl RFQ
DE100013-761 5935-01-437-7117 connector body rece Avl RFQ
C-2102 5960-01-009-2579 electron tube Avl RFQ
27B1180 4710-00-246-9750 tube assembly Avl RFQ
HN0440SU 5310-01-507-7478 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
B13164 013 6150-01-508-7518 bus conductor Avl RFQ
BM100094-279 5340-01-507-4472 standoff threaded s Avl RFQ
DE100013-217 5935-01-437-6027 connector body rece Avl RFQ
03B3487-008 5995-01-444-4958 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
27C2627 002 5985-01-438-5434 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
DE100013 060 5935-01-437-6015 connector body rece Avl RFQ
46305794 6625-01-235-6873 divider power radio Avl RFQ
PDK-A55 5985-01-176-4551 divider power radio Avl RFQ
BE100101 032 5925-01-282-4590 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
MX3000-400C 5996-01-479-1688 amplifier radio fre Avl RFQ
09-6-1 5310-01-507-7614 washer lock Avl RFQ
B15418-063 5340-01-436-5599 hinge butt Avl RFQ
54.1038.013.02LV 5985-01-176-4551 divider power radio Avl RFQ
21B1070 5940-01-082-1380 terminal feedthru Avl RFQ
23C1161 5950-01-111-8479 reactor Avl RFQ
D13156 100 5996-01-366-4010 amplifier assembly Avl RFQ
RAT863 5940-01-509-0785 terminal lug Avl RFQ
30B1892 6130-01-160-5338 power supply Avl RFQ
DE100021 460 5962-01-113-0306 microcircuit digita Avl RFQ
18B1090-4 5305-00-855-7581 setscrew Avl RFQ
C16736 5998-01-434-4303 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
15222 6625-01-211-9928 generator signal Avl RFQ
2432-001X5V0-332Z 5910-00-996-0997 capacitor fixed cer Avl RFQ
30B1897 5960-01-192-7710 electron tube Avl RFQ
13B1157 5360-00-791-4983 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
FLW25SS 5310-01-577-8395 washer flat Avl RFQ
BM100034-012 5340-01-508-2373 slide drawer extens Avl RFQ
APGH6666-1-61F-353-9 5925-01-438-7598 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
A3187818-313 5998-01-426-3239 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
BE100023-003 6240-01-292-1916 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
A3187818-304 6130-01-431-3273 power supply Avl RFQ
BM100096-017 5975-01-508-3989 strap tiedown elect Avl RFQ
77C714882-8 5985-00-959-2900 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
27B1030 5960-00-167-7668 electron tube Avl RFQ
BE100099-011 5915-01-282-6846 filter radio freque Avl RFQ
12B1186 5342-00-855-0824 boot output probe Avl RFQ
BM100080-042 5935-01-508-1279 nut bushing retaine Avl RFQ
BM5682849 5985-01-231-2155 mixer Avl RFQ
DE100013-787 5935-01-437-7124 connector body rece Avl RFQ
BM100004 060 5330-01-508-1624 rubber round sectio Avl RFQ
C16658-100 5998-01-502-7238 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
BE100097-068 5995-01-436-4544 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
30B2070 5930-01-113-5054 switch airflow Avl RFQ
26B1241 5910-01-508-2314 capacitor fixed pla Avl RFQ
09-38434A01 5935-00-863-1940 socket plug in electronic components Avl RFQ
10365 4931-00-078-2926 tuning unit radio f Avl RFQ
23D1314 5950-01-282-1997 transformer power Avl RFQ
27C1565 5960-01-108-6636 electron tube Avl RFQ
10358 5975-01-246-0272 drawer electrical e Avl RFQ
28B1222 6625-01-290-4840 voltmeter Avl RFQ
15122 6625-01-019-7939 generator signal Avl RFQ
BE100101-006 5925-01-282-4588 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
4330-001-3 5925-01-148-3262 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
28B1216 6625-01-290-6666 ammeter Avl RFQ
27C2331 5985-01-281-6735 circulator radio frequency Avl RFQ
CD4-A3A3A3B3 5925-01-096-7999 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
28B1337 6625-01-377-0126 wattmeter Avl RFQ
30C1768 5998-01-298-2574 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
A3187818-409 5905-01-447-8612 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
B15417-004 5330-01-437-5819 gasket Avl RFQ
11B1154 5940-00-935-3354 terminal stud Avl RFQ
B10587-030 4140-01-293-6027 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
D30092-008 4140-01-569-1453 fan circulating Avl RFQ
11B1322 5331-00-848-9589 o ring Avl RFQ
160-1026-02-01-00 5940-01-508-9669 terminal stud Avl RFQ
CD3-A2A3A3-AB-0.75-4 5925-01-097-9960 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
DE100013 271 5935-01-437-7097 connector body rece Avl RFQ
AS58091 5925-01-148-3262 circuit breaker Avl RFQ
SHMS252010S 5306-01-577-8413 bolt internal wrenc Avl RFQ
D16734 5998-01-432-6449 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
BM100078-006 5310-01-098-3165 washer lock Avl RFQ
BM100094 159 5340-01-436-5598 standoff threaded s Avl RFQ
27B1566 5985-01-086-0092 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
27B1558 6625-00-887-3896 attenuator coa ial Avl RFQ
BM100094-252 5340-01-508-2376 standoff threaded s Avl RFQ

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