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CAGE Code: 3X894, 16603

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
E103972 NO 101 5305-00-900-1118 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
E108609 FIND 91 3040-01-189-8244 plate pressure Avl RFQ
7155-229-1 5360-00-890-8040 spring helical exte Avl RFQ
N160ALT4PC95 5330-00-178-7260 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
C-104 162 3120-01-289-2537 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
60HS6AND60HS7 3120-00-790-8166 bearing set sleeve Avl RFQ
395-394D 3110-00-102-3527 bearing roller tape Avl RFQ
D320448 FIND NO 77 5365-00-489-0804 plug machine thread Avl RFQ
A302234 4010-01-208-6454 chain Avl RFQ
E103972 FIND NO 50 4730-00-618-8001 elbow tube to boss Avl RFQ
L12104LPD 5330-01-317-2665 seal plain Avl RFQ
E-101311-2 PIECE 43 5365-01-283-3571 shim Avl RFQ
A304483 5307-01-362-2125 stud plain Avl RFQ
160SD30 3110-00-155-9062 bearing roller self Avl RFQ
E108609 FIND 229 5305-01-351-0787 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
C102182 3120-00-583-3705 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
B101671 5330-00-575-6423 gasket Avl RFQ
E102364-1PC5 5310-00-932-5731 washer block tackle Avl RFQ
CR2940U310 5930-00-451-2454 switch push Avl RFQ
1449E00 1680-00-370-8600 actuator mechanical Avl RFQ
087-00037-01 5365-01-066-0426 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
D107995 3120-00-471-9281 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
A309967LH 4320-01-230-0628 pump hydraulic Avl RFQ
N1598-5-1-2 2010-00-623-9559 gear set bevel Avl RFQ
006-00002-01 2520-01-065-9677 axle assembly automotive driving Avl RFQ
D-102 695 3040-01-318-2865 gearshaft multiple Avl RFQ
D305895 3040-01-312-5671 brake band and lini Avl RFQ
1001 525 8 3020-00-153-7258 gear bevel Avl RFQ
MS51890-6 4730-01-191-8359 cap tube Avl RFQ
D5134 3020-00-536-5671 gear internal Avl RFQ
6173R5KL.5CT 5905-00-506-4221 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
N304PC80 3110-00-100-5533 bearing roller tape Avl RFQ
EF1112 5330-00-161-1121 gasket Avl RFQ
24F5BUS 4730-00-006-9549 adapter straight tu Avl RFQ
295015D1200PC28 5330-00-256-6913 packing assembly Avl RFQ
C101873 5330-01-076-3011 gasket Avl RFQ
7237703P042 5305-00-632-2777 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
D301088 FIND NO 14 3010-01-325-8266 shifter fork nonveh Avl RFQ
E300436 FIND 5 3020-01-262-1246 gear helical Avl RFQ
A309247 5330-00-076-3822 packing preformed Avl RFQ
6162LPD 5330-01-030-2678 seal plain Avl RFQ
E109199 FIND 44 6240-00-155-7836 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
061 00006 01 2530-01-050-9308 clamp lug assembly Avl RFQ
D106131 9999-00-158-0992 modification kit mi Avl RFQ
E-104 085 PART 17 3120-01-298-6954 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
C2531 3020-00-251-0872 gear helical Avl RFQ
MS51816-25 4730-00-336-9558 adapter straight pi Avl RFQ
225116 5330-00-154-9075 seal plain encased Avl RFQ
D300992PC48 5365-00-447-7656 shim set Avl RFQ
B306942 5365-01-258-1534 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
C315350 4030-01-358-3599 shackle Avl RFQ
E102170 PC NO 79 5305-00-478-0273 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
C309464 3040-01-288-9710 shoe windlass Avl RFQ
M0DEL 803 3040-01-208-7062 gearshaft bevel Avl RFQ
D-300176 3950-01-237-6329 valve speed control Avl RFQ
6HBUS 4730-00-334-5550 nipple tube Avl RFQ
WG104387 5305-00-119-1614 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
295016A1330 5360-00-138-4542 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
159 00001 01 3020-01-049-8913 pulley groove Avl RFQ
B301619 2030-01-389-2769 steering gear Avl RFQ
C109371 5305-00-451-0192 setscrew Avl RFQ
B17622 5325-00-506-1456 ring retaining Avl RFQ
E109195 FIND 17 6240-00-155-7836 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
313404 FIND 25 5340-01-329-1966 plate mending Avl RFQ
E102862 PART NO 67 5310-01-422-4476 washer lock Avl RFQ
B 8614 AK 5H 5315-01-283-1539 key Avl RFQ
N9159PC62 3120-00-580-5572 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
C305711-5 5930-00-513-0875 switch push pull Avl RFQ
FF-842-1 3120-00-603-8190 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
B308801 5330-01-033-8166 gasket Avl RFQ
C112011 3110-00-140-7676 plate retaining bea Avl RFQ
E300435 FIND 5 3020-01-262-1246 gear helical Avl RFQ
C 112 238 5342-01-203-0633 retainer Avl RFQ
C-111428 2040-01-271-9253 plate separator Avl RFQ
C106094 5360-00-469-8369 spring Avl RFQ
8093E-16HS2 4820-01-214-4369 valve rotary select Avl RFQ
E106482 PARTN NO 77 4730-01-013-0336 tee tube to boss Avl RFQ
D8116 5330-00-263-9899 retainer packing Avl RFQ
D107708 3020-01-327-0338 sprocket wheel Avl RFQ
A309791 5310-01-468-5548 washer key Avl RFQ
E103972 FIND NO 89 5331-00-165-1956 o ring Avl RFQ
E102170 PC NO 51 4730-01-019-9815 adapter straight tu Avl RFQ
E101286 PC NO 64 5305-00-990-8416 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
1001-1009-19-4 6680-00-152-3946 indicator sight liq Avl RFQ
D320448 NO 106 5305-00-914-7648 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ

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