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CAGE Code: 81346

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
QQ-A-200 11 9530-01-036-1074 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM F 2443 3110-00-183-9901 roller bearing Avl RFQ
AMS-QQ-A-200 7 9530-00-892-1869 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM B43 4710-00-277-6082 pipe metallic Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9530-00-618-8464 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM A581 9505-01-362-2139 wire nonelectrical Avl RFQ
B 438 3120-00-661-5932 bearing washer thru Avl RFQ
ASTM A36 9510-00-189-1671 bar metal Avl RFQ
MS51846-161 4730-00-196-2034 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM B152 9535-01-043-7009 sheet metal Avl RFQ
ASTM A 108 GR 1018 1 9510-01-251-2029 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM A331 9510-00-288-6068 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9530-00-492-3733 bar metal Avl RFQ
01217012 4730-01-238-2314 coupling pipe Avl RFQ
01AA150D050104 9540-01-453-0654 beam structural Avl RFQ
QQ-A-250 20 9535-01-012-3425 plate metal Avl RFQ
D2000-3CH714A25BE016 5331-00-580-6583 o ring Avl RFQ
ASTM B152 9535-00-231-8251 sheet metal Avl RFQ
A733XS-84CFB 4730-00-288-6996 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
QQ-R-175COMPD40AWG 6145-01-289-7863 resistance wire Avl RFQ
ASTM A733 4730-01-098-7931 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM B121 9535-00-167-2126 strip metal Avl RFQ
7237785 5360-00-723-7785 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
QQS634 9510-00-231-2091 bar metal Avl RFQ
MS19060 4819 3110-00-227-4717 ball bearing Avl RFQ
AMS-STD-185 9530-00-228-9256 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM F1667 NL CM S 1 5315-00-935-3751 nail Avl RFQ
ASTM B150 B150M 9530-01-287-9338 bar metal Avl RFQ
1M312 9540-00-145-5732 angle structural Avl RFQ
QQ-A-200 15 9540-01-364-0130 beam structural Avl RFQ
QQ-T-570 9510-00-596-8952 bar metal Avl RFQ
WW-N-351 4730-00-825-9701 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM F2215-08 3110-00-100-6231 ball bearing Avl RFQ
AMS-QQ-A-200 7 9530-00-892-1870 bar metal Avl RFQ
44791KT0223U2 5970-01-012-4073 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
MS52015C045 9530-00-167-1944 bar metal Avl RFQ
QQ-A-200 9 9530-00-129-9704 bar metal Avl RFQ
QQ-A-200 5 9530-00-542-2606 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM B505 9530-00-238-2134 bar metal Avl RFQ
A213-62TGRADETP321H 4710-00-961-3565 tube metallic Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9530-00-243-5956 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM B505 9530-00-230-3538 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM A312 4710-01-223-7674 pipe metallic Avl RFQ
ASTM A240 9515-01-465-0306 sheet metal Avl RFQ
WWN351 4730-00-196-2009 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
MS14261C021 9530-00-167-1988 bar metal Avl RFQ
A733XS 6CFB 4730-00-278-3555 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM A36 9510-00-189-1619 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9540-00-542-2697 angle structural Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9540-00-542-2718 angle structural Avl RFQ
11302 4710-00-324-9642 pipe metallic Avl RFQ
FIG. 405-1 2IN 4730-00-478-2634 elbow pipe Avl RFQ
AMS-QQ-A-200 8 9540-00-250-1055 angle structural Avl RFQ
AMS-QQ-S-763 9510-00-189-0578 bar metal Avl RFQ
AMS10134-1202 9540-00-185-3831 angle structural Avl RFQ
00737 SH 47 ST 164 5330-00-678-5390 gasket Avl RFQ
ASTM-A733 4730-00-288-6994 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM A600 9510-01-251-0814 bar metal Avl RFQ
A269 CRES 0 250 4710-01-244-4484 tube metallic Avl RFQ
QQ-S-741 9510-00-189-1559 bar metal Avl RFQ
AMS 4375 9535-00-528-9147 sheet metal Avl RFQ
AMS-QQ-A-200 3 9540-00-481-0359 angle structural Avl RFQ
QQ-B-637 9530-00-228-9258 bar metal Avl RFQ
ASTM A108 9510-00-229-4785 bar metal Avl RFQ
LS10134-1005-6 9540-00-145-4521 angle structural Avl RFQ
X GP3 TYBA CLR T 12. 2610-01-204-4488 tire pneumatic vehi Avl RFQ
QQ-W-423 9505-00-892-4616 wire nonelectrical Avl RFQ
QQ-S-698 9515-00-204-3965 strip metal Avl RFQ
81T1507 2610-00-350-9970 tire pneumatic vehi Avl RFQ
QQ-A-200 11 9540-00-148-4342 angle structural Avl RFQ
218406 4730-00-014-4593 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
MS17131 32 3110-00-902-3772 bearing roller need Avl RFQ
QQ-S-634 9510-00-596-3608 bar metal Avl RFQ
03025012 4730-00-472-5060 coupling pipe Avl RFQ
ASTM B308 9540-00-846-3667 angle structural Avl RFQ
SN50WRMAP2 0.032 1LB 3439-00-438-6294 solder lead tin all Avl RFQ
QQ-S-634 9510-00-596-3593 bar metal Avl RFQ
002044585 9515-01-465-0243 sheet metal Avl RFQ
AND10133-1202 9540-01-071-8254 angle structural Avl RFQ
ASTM B166 3.250 9530-01-407-4829 bar metal Avl RFQ
QQ-S-741 9505-00-188-1714 wire nonelectrical Avl RFQ
ASTM B221 9530-00-236-8439 bar metal Avl RFQ
ZZ-T-381 2610-00-204-4033 tire pneumatic vehi Avl RFQ
ASTM-A733 4730-00-188-1887 nipple pipe Avl RFQ
WW-P-351 4710-00-277-6088 pipe metallic Avl RFQ

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