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FSC 2540 Vehicular Furniture and Accessories Components

Federal Supply Code 2540, Vehicular Furniture and Accessories, includes all parts associated with the interior of a vehicle. FSC 2540 includes vehicle interior accessories and related furniture such as automobile seat covers, shock absorbers, bumpers, windshield wipers, bumper guards, mirrors, rear view mirrors, side view mirrors, and vehicle heaters. Note that FSC 2540 does not include speedometers nor suspension type shock absorbers, nor furniture or interior components for railway vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft. For speedometers, see FSC 6680. For suspension type shock absorbers, see FSC 2510. For railway furniture, see FSG 22. For aircraft interior components, see FSG 16. For watercraft furniture, see FSG 20.

If you would like to receive more information regarding FSC 2540 or FSG 25, or to request a quote, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number +1-914-359-2001 or to email us at We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Manufacturers we carry for FSC 2540 include:

2540 Vehicular Furniture And Accessories Catalog

Part No RFQ
R56221 RFQ
5575412 RFQ
4446C4 RFQ
AP1530-12LR RFQ
L778-44 RFQ
0312104485-00 RFQ
268733 RFQ
80931105 RFQ
10010512 RFQ
A10622 RFQ
36917 RFQ
944981 RFQ
14075804 RFQ
10011140 RFQ
10023369 RFQ
066004 RFQ
191-6033 RFQ
1903J010 RFQ
10061038 RFQ
922361 RFQ
40AW273 RFQ
01-216-0050 RFQ
80-2279 RFQ
342040C1 RFQ
12338218 RFQ
A8637-900 RFQ
80931141 RFQ
8327702 RFQ
50154 204 RFQ
788538014 RFQ
164 1026 RFQ
2002940 RFQ
MIL 16924 23 RFQ
2300094-181300.00.0 RFQ
4161505 RFQ
230458A1 RFQ
310141 RFQ
E137369 RFQ
G705225 RFQ
3696684 RFQ
1139767C1 RFQ
3386171 RFQ
231260 RFQ
10558438 RFQ
1467523 RFQ
71991000 RFQ
4F6070 RFQ
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