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FSC 2520 Vehicular Power Transmission Components Components

Federal Supply Code 2520, Vehicular Power Transmission Components, includes all parts related to power transmission of vehicles such as transfer transmission assemblies, clutch assemblies, universal joints, propeller shafts, automotive torque converters, and power takeoffs. Note that FSC 2520 does not include components for railway vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft. For railway components, see FSG 22. For aircraft components, see FSG 16. For watercraft components, see FSG 20.

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2520 Vehicular Power Transmission Components Catalog

Part No RFQ
253731C91 RFQ
6600032BTC RFQ
54012A RFQ
7411206 RFQ
31KN 48 RFQ
867618 RFQ
3976605 RFQ
7373707 RFQ
101329 RFQ
2AX302 RFQ
29507168 RFQ
23036039 RFQ
11C7078 RFQ
4637162 RFQ
238448C91 RFQ
4462 305 047 RFQ
5714956 RFQ
531129 RFQ
3308206 RFQ
A375302 RFQ
209279-1 RFQ
923892.0007 RFQ
205937 RFQ
6Y-6929 RFQ
993545 RFQ
1-06526 RFQ
121921 RFQ
917370-16SX RFQ
9G0284 RFQ
C5TZ-7212-C RFQ
45.20.519 RFQ
390023 RFQ
913450 RFQ
503505 RFQ
7378334 RFQ
118702 RFQ
3DF4971 RFQ
2300002-081500.015 RFQ
9-364-100096 RFQ
3660094 RFQ
R14160-116B10 RFQ
5160-13 RFQ
6600340 RFQ
9235620045 RFQ
5740301 RFQ
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