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FSC 2510 Vehicular Cab Body and Frame Structural Components Components

Federal Supply Code 2510, Vehicular Cab, Body, and Frame Structural Components, includes all structural components related to the cab of the vehicle as well as the body and frame such as body panels, insulation panels, grilles, doors, door hatches, and shock absorbers. FSC 2510 also includes leaf type vehicular springs and suspension type shock absorber. Note that FSC 2510 does not include vehicular hardware or specialized vehicular furniture, nor components for railway vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft. For vehicular hardware, see FSG 53. For specialized vehicular furniture, see FSC 2540. For railway components, see FSG 22. For aircraft components, see FSG 16. For watercraft components, see FSG 20.

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2510 Vehicular Cab Body And Frame Structural Components Catalog

Part No RFQ
B6425C RFQ
352E2303 103 RFQ
3343654 RFQ
055369 RFQ
387791 RFQ
0312104488-00 RFQ
05-2161-5205 RFQ
2510005716968 RFQ
02191-0319 RFQ
T629878 RFQ
39621 RFQ
45200 RFQ
CV148283 RFQ
11440 RFQ
2827570 RFQ
124611R91 RFQ
J8128650 RFQ
1920-AB36-032 RFQ
8D4393 RFQ
15312 RFQ
166-2104 RFQ
410F1800 RFQ
T298629 RFQ
7539519 RFQ
3414366 RFQ
2300094-170000.22.0 RFQ
500078A RFQ
00182412 RFQ
2004A839 2 RFQ
D8TZ102394 RFQ
9D8754 RFQ
119574-08230 RFQ
14067782 RFQ
5935294 RFQ
8734045 RFQ
5204534 RFQ
1787951 RFQ
66118-0009 RFQ
A15728 RFQ
5544695 RFQ
10022919 RFQ
16W413 RFQ
83309 RFQ
6I9405 RFQ
F1407-47L RFQ
1345200W RFQ
102-9238 RFQ
3001200 RFQ
646193 RFQ
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