FSC 2320 Trucks And Truck Tractors Wheeled Components

Federal Supply Code 2320, Trucks and Truck Tractors, Wheeled, only includes complete wheel mounted trucks, complete truck tractors, and complete chassis. FSC 2320 includes delivery and pickup trucks, tactical and administrative military cargo carrying vehicles, truck tractors and trailer combinations, and armored cars. Note that FSC 2320 does not include any related end items, assemblies, parts, attachments, or accessories, nor fire trucks or special trucks meant for construction or use in and around airfields, hangers, and warehouses. For vehicular equipment components, see FSG 25. For fire trucks, see FSC 4210. For tractors, see FSG 24. For special trucks see appropriate FSG's.

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Manufacturer's List for FSC 2320 Trucks And Truck Tractors Wheeled

2320 Trucks And Truck Tractors Wheeled Catalog

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
ZS SFT-290 LP 2320-41-000-5631 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS OEAF DEKO P1 2320-41-000-9323 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS OAF-30364HLS 2320-41-000-6638 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MB-STARDIAGNOSIS COMPACT4 2320-41-001-8131 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-TGS18.320 4X4 2320-41-002-3929 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-38440HLSY 2320-41-001-0749 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-38440HLS 2320-41-000-7517 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-38440HLS 2320-41-001-0749 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-35440HLS 2320-41-000-7517 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS MAN-35440HLS 2320-41-001-0749 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS DINGO2NF-ABC 2320-41-001-0958 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS DINGO2ACFUEH 2320-41-000-8645 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZS DINGO2AC-ERK 2320-41-000-8643 accessory kit Avl RFQ
ZP9880-0864 2320-99-207-2591 truck flat platform Avl RFQ
ZIL-157 2320-50-000-0115 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZIL-131 2320-50-000-0111 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZIL-130 G 2320-50-000-0112 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZIL-130 B 2320-50-000-0113 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZIL 157 SPEZ-KFZ KOFFER 2320-12-700-3858 truck van Avl RFQ
ZIL 131 SPEZIAL-KFZ (K 2320-12-700-0603 truck van Avl RFQ
ZH462.51304 2320-23-112-1888 mil cross country Avl RFQ
ZFA25000001536822 2320-15-187-2385 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZETA 109.14 2320-15-174-8171 van trasporto caval Avl RFQ
ZCFD55C800 2320-14-563-9878 truck van Avl RFQ
ZCFC50A000246752 2320-15-178-2662 truck van Avl RFQ
ZCCB Z311111 2320-13-116-4646 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZC7731-3200 2320-99-893-8373 tractor wheeled gra Avl RFQ
ZBAA Z286130 2320-13-116-4643 truck command recon Avl RFQ
ZB2660-5627 2320-99-893-3225 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2660-5614 2320-99-893-4590 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2652-9100 2320-99-893-6134 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2645-5100 2320-99-893-5645 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2620-9100 2320-99-893-6208 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2610-9102 2320-99-893-8085 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2610-9101 2320-99-893-6031 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2610-9100 2320-99-893-6030 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2610-8100 2320-99-893-8342 truck van Avl RFQ
ZB2610-0859 2320-99-893-4976 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2608-9101 2320-99-893-5904 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2608-9100 2320-99-893-5877 truck panel Avl RFQ
ZB2577-8100 2320-99-893-7463 truck van Avl RFQ
ZB2576-5114 2320-99-893-2969 truck van Avl RFQ
ZB2570-5628 2320-99-893-3422 truck van Avl RFQ
ZB2566-9100 2320-99-893-6252 truck van Avl RFQ
ZB2492-0001 2320-99-893-5643 truck tank Avl RFQ
ZB2476-6633 2320-99-893-4589 truck dump Avl RFQ
ZB2435-5632 2320-99-893-2855 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZB2434-5020 2320-99-893-5695 truck cargo Avl RFQ
ZB2407-8100 2320-99-893-5894 truck refuse collec Avl RFQ
ZB2384-8100 2320-99-893-6290 truck tipping platf Avl RFQ
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