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FSC 2305 Ground Effect Vehicles Components

Federal Supply Code 2305, Ground Effect Vehicles, includes all vehicles that utilize the ground effect to maintain sustained flight above a level surface. The ground effect is the effect of additional aerodynamic buoyancy created by a cushion of air below a vehicle that moves close to the ground. Note that this FSC does not include vehicles that do not use the ground effect, like seaplanes, hovercraft, and hydrofoils. For seaplanes, see FSG 15. For hovercraft and hydrofoils, see FSG 19.

If you would like to receive more information regarding FSC 2305 or FSG 23, or to request a quote, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number +1-914-359-2001 or to email us at We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Manufacturers we carry for FSC 2305 include:

2305 Ground Effect Vehicles Catalog

Part No RFQ
G721-02-01 RFQ
2-540041-3 RFQ
RML17 20 RFQ
704898 RFQ
S-2674 RFQ
2 150039 105 G410 01 01 RFQ
720736-1 RFQ
SGS1086 311 RFQ
16295425 RFQ
4-100113-2 RFQ
2-131009-13 RFQ
A39110 RFQ
3244721-8 RFQ
A39110 RFQ
SGS1086 311 RFQ
4-009003-1-D770-03-01 RFQ
3244721-7 RFQ
2-441100-1 RFQ
SKT 14818 RFQ
704390-1 RFQ
3244721-9 RFQ
2-150722-901-D410-02-01 RFQ
4-150100-1 RFQ
2-441276-1 RFQ
3244721-8 RFQ
4-428158-3 RFQ
D770 01 RFQ
3100498-03 RFQ
3244721-8 RFQ
4-099001-1 RFQ
A39110 RFQ
4 150041 1 D410 01 01 RFQ
2-131002-913-915-G721-01-01 RFQ
4-099003-1-D721-01-01 RFQ
SGS1086 311 RFQ
537459 RFQ
42677-4 RFQ
7467 750004 1 RFQ
2-150022-401-D710-02-01 RFQ
500102-1 RFQ
4-100112-2 RFQ
W1S12469BS1-6 RFQ
R4334-1100HMS RFQ
4-155023-1 RFQ
7250-441338 RFQ
7250 441240 RFQ
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