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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. Z00.N7730063910, Z00.N7730063281, Z00.N7730063050, Z00.N7730062152, Z00.N7730062124 are all associated with the CAGE code S4080 and the manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code S4080 Details

Status : A Type : E Woman Owned : N Business Type : -
Business Size : N Primary Business : J CAO Code : - ADP Code : -
Manufacturer: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

CAGE Code S4080 Manufacturer

CAGE Code S4080 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
Z00.N7730063910 reducer boss 4730-00-188-8027 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730063281 reducer boss 4730-00-187-3585 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730063050 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-208-5769 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730062152 elbow tube 4730-00-197-2919 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730062124 elbow tube 4730-00-231-3031 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730061347 adapter straight tu 4730-00-187-0881 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7730060413 tee tube 4730-00-720-4984 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7727061908 reducer boss 4730-00-187-3585 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423510003TBM packing preformed 5330-00-922-5956 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7423140008TBM packing preformed 5330-01-007-4599 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7228511801TBM nut self locking ex 5310-01-185-9256 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7123015401TBM spacer ring 5365-01-423-2140 Avl RFQ
Z00.N6045317277 control indicator 6695-01-217-6219 Avl RFQ
Z00.N6007527222TBM gasket 5330-01-114-0989 Avl RFQ
Z00.N6000807228TBM valve regulating sy 4820-01-286-4204 Avl RFQ
Z00.N6000807225TBM turbine aircraft co 1660-01-287-3802 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5741532472 washer flat 5310-00-205-8491 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5741520071 washer flat 5310-01-111-6717 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5585832135 nut sheet spring 5310-00-208-3469 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5412522463 nut self locking ex 5310-01-163-1985 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5338302305 nut plain castellat 5310-00-167-1285 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5150626049 screw machine 5305-00-824-2024 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5123692369 screw machine 5305-00-282-6253 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5120367226TBM screw machine 5305-00-958-4351 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5108659603 bolt shear 5306-01-173-3537 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5108301110 bolt machine 5306-00-182-1958 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5108301105 bolt machine 5306-00-182-2016 Avl RFQ
Z00.7730063906 reducer boss 4730-00-187-3580 Avl RFQ
Y42A53 washer flat 5310-00-167-0824 Avl RFQ
X739D switch assy trigger 1680-00-587-0538 Avl RFQ
W-1361 1 4FLAT braid wire 6145-00-577-8452 Avl RFQ
VM909-3 light indicator 6210-00-538-8770 Avl RFQ
V3-9101M switch sensitive 5930-01-424-6969 Avl RFQ
UV-20A airplane utility 1510-01-079-3915 Avl RFQ
TR747-07 valve pneumatic tir 2640-00-142-5341 Avl RFQ
TPEM-NR7 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-233-2097 Avl RFQ
TPEM-NR5017 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-233-2097 Avl RFQ
TPEM-NR501 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-233-2097 Avl RFQ
TFF2905-29 transmitter rate of 6620-01-578-1984 Avl RFQ
TC5339 bundle spacer 5975-01-446-3980 Avl RFQ
TA025035WDC19HW clamp loop 5340-00-286-9419 Avl RFQ
T12C832 nut self locking pl 5310-00-762-2915 Avl RFQ
SX7EK3 contactor battery 6110-01-391-8175 Avl RFQ
SW10-14 bolt machine 5306-00-182-2058 Avl RFQ
ST3330-02 screw cap socket he 5305-00-841-1031 Avl RFQ
ST3066-11 nut self locking ex 5310-01-185-9256 Avl RFQ
ST3065-11 nut self locking ex 5310-01-185-9256 Avl RFQ
ST3063-11 nut self locking ex 5310-01-185-9256 Avl RFQ
ST3001-015 packing preformed 5330-00-922-5956 Avl RFQ
SP78-505 rivet solid 5320-00-619-4039 Avl RFQ
SP0540-00-M-QN23 nut self locking do 5310-00-492-6279 Avl RFQ
SP-290 filter radio freque 5915-01-423-4642 Avl RFQ
SMS20219-4 pulley groove 1640-00-277-1119 Avl RFQ
SMS20219-2 pulley groove 1640-00-287-7919 Avl RFQ
SMLS100-M04-02 rivet blind 5320-01-406-7890 Avl RFQ
SLS102F10-3 insert panel fasten 5325-01-582-2465 Avl RFQ
SLS102F10-08 insert panel fasten 5325-01-582-2464 Avl RFQ
SL6124-08SP2 washer finishing 5310-01-581-5661 Avl RFQ
SK-1051 display optoelectro 5980-01-537-5390 Avl RFQ
SDSDH-002G-E11 memory card persona 7025-01-567-6218 Avl RFQ
SAC381 coupling 1660-00-593-3357 Avl RFQ
S6A-275 lockspring turnlock 5325-00-290-4345 Avl RFQ
S65-8280-10 antenna 5985-01-423-9975 Avl RFQ
S65-5366-7L antenna 5985-01-072-8282 Avl RFQ
S65-247-12 antenna group 5985-01-539-4199 Avl RFQ
S6-275 lockspring turnlock 5325-00-290-4345 Avl RFQ
RR53710L RAAF pump submerged airc 2915-01-535-9064 Avl RFQ
RR53710H pump submerged airc 2915-01-537-4286 Avl RFQ
RR53710B pump fuel booster 2915-01-424-6870 Avl RFQ
RG9570M pump fuel 2915-01-424-6875 Avl RFQ
RG45400 jet pump transfer 2915-01-424-6868 Avl RFQ
RG45390 jet pump delivery 2915-01-424-6871 Avl RFQ
R2100C3 nut self locking pl 5310-00-782-0011 Avl RFQ
R20702-2 gasket 5330-01-114-0989 Avl RFQ
R20700-1 mount resilient gen 5340-01-413-7623 Avl RFQ
R20697-1 spacer straight 5365-01-422-7028 Avl RFQ
R1000C08 nut self locking pl 5310-00-762-2915 Avl RFQ
PT06E-14-5S connector plug elec 5935-01-103-5762 Avl RFQ
PS-855B battery power suppl 6130-01-541-4948 Avl RFQ
PS-835D battery power suppl 6130-01-219-8285 Avl RFQ
PRP909-8 packing preformed 5330-01-007-4599 Avl RFQ
PRP909-10 packing preformed 5330-00-955-9644 Avl RFQ
PH502 pitot tube 6610-00-663-8410 Avl RFQ
PC9-1900-11 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-458-8410 Avl RFQ
PC9-1900-10 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-457-5074 Avl RFQ
PC-610-0167 transmitter rate of 6620-01-390-0839 Avl RFQ
PC-610-0164 transmitter rate of 6620-01-424-6925 Avl RFQ
PC-6 B2 airplane utility 1510-01-079-3915 Avl RFQ
PC-125-12B inverter power stat 6130-01-534-7618 Avl RFQ
PC-125 inverter power stat 6130-01-123-1657 Avl RFQ
P35586 screw machine 5305-00-066-7325 Avl RFQ
P13618 screw machine 5305-00-145-7018 Avl RFQ
P1-269 display optoelectro 5980-01-537-5390 Avl RFQ
NSAM24665 pin cotter 5315-00-879-2910 Avl RFQ
NO.10-32UNF-2A 1 2""LG CRES 316 screw machine 5305-01-406-7437 Avl RFQ
NASM6812 bolt close toleranc 5306-00-292-5875 Avl RFQ
NASM3THRUNASM20-AN6-27A bolt machine 5306-00-180-0307 Avl RFQ
NASM316 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-596-8422 Avl RFQ
NASM3 THRU NASM20-AN5H5A bolt machine 5306-00-182-2024 Avl RFQ
NASM3 THRU NASM20-AN4H5A bolt machine 5306-00-182-2016 Avl RFQ
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