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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. ZY-654L, ZY-654-2, ZUG1761A16, ZLU061024, ZFDC-15-5 are all associated with the CAGE code 94580 and the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 94580 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S2401A ADP Code : -
Manufacturer: Honeywell International Inc

CAGE Code 94580 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 94580 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
ZY-654L oscillator noncryst 5955-01-283-5377 Avl RFQ
ZY-654-2 oscillator noncryst 5955-01-283-5377 Avl RFQ
ZUG1761A16 test set electronic 6625-00-077-7606 Avl RFQ
ZLU061024 relay electromagnet 5945-01-228-5511 Avl RFQ
ZFDC-15-5 coupler directional 5985-01-298-0144 Avl RFQ
Z986795 1 resistor 5905-01-339-0041 Avl RFQ
Z971807-1 card assy signal 6625-00-860-1384 Avl RFQ
Z971805-2 counter assy card 6625-00-866-9825 Avl RFQ
Z971804-1 counter assy card 6625-00-860-1383 Avl RFQ
Z971803-1 printed wiring board 5998-00-869-8478 Avl RFQ
Z971800-1 printed wiring boar 5998-00-869-8470 Avl RFQ
Z971388-1 clock assy megacycl 6625-00-866-9827 Avl RFQ
Z969316-4 amplifier electronic control 5996-01-032-5925 Avl RFQ
Z963587-1 generator rate 6625-00-860-1378 Avl RFQ
Z963241-1 cover computer 6610-01-032-5147 Avl RFQ
Z963238-43 output assembly enc 6610-01-032-5834 Avl RFQ
Z963189-1 clamp unit 6610-01-032-5146 Avl RFQ
Z963188-2 tube pitot pressure 6610-01-032-5145 Avl RFQ
Z963171-1 retainer base 6610-01-031-5667 Avl RFQ
Z8536CMB microcircuit memory 5962-01-225-0693 Avl RFQ
Z7G2206A1 module extender kit 6625-00-085-4673 Avl RFQ
Z64-168A-40-EE junction box 5975-01-294-0817 Avl RFQ
Z1994801-1 fastener unit compu 6610-01-031-5666 Avl RFQ
Z1992878-1 tester and heat sin 6610-01-032-2801 Avl RFQ
Z1992875-2 adapter body tube hose 4730-01-036-0775 Avl RFQ
Z1992875 1 adapter body tube hose 4730-01-036-0775 Avl RFQ
Z1992873-1 support component 6610-01-031-5664 Avl RFQ
Z1992526-1 bracket unit 6610-01-031-5663 Avl RFQ
Z1992502-3 gear assembly computer 3020-01-031-5662 Avl RFQ
Z1992500-2 computer subassembly 6610-01-032-5833 Avl RFQ
Z1990984-2 amplifier rate 6610-01-032-5832 Avl RFQ
Z1990961-2 computer subassembly 6610-01-032-5830 Avl RFQ
Z1990954-8 transmitter error s 6610-01-033-0622 Avl RFQ
Z1990954-11 transmitter error s 6610-01-033-0139 Avl RFQ
Z1990881-1 contact electrical 5999-01-047-1860 Avl RFQ
Z1990880-1 shell electrical connector 5935-01-034-1968 Avl RFQ
Z1990873-6 gear assembly altitude 3020-01-033-0138 Avl RFQ
Z1990868-2 fitting pressure 6610-01-046-8568 Avl RFQ
Z1990868-1 fitting pressure 6610-01-031-5659 Avl RFQ
Z1990867-4 computer subassembly 6610-01-033-0137 Avl RFQ
Z1990850-1 shell electrical connector 5935-01-046-9988 Avl RFQ
Z1990839 2 tube metallic 4710-01-040-0327 Avl RFQ
Z1990839 1 tubing 4710-01-039-2822 Avl RFQ
Z1989522-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-050-9931 Avl RFQ
Z1989517-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-050-9930 Avl RFQ
Z1989516-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-050-9929 Avl RFQ
Z1989511-1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-050-9928 Avl RFQ
Z1989509-12 resistor calibrated 6610-01-031-5656 Avl RFQ
Z1989506-3 resistor calibrated 6610-01-031-5655 Avl RFQ
Z1989504-247 computer subassembl 6610-01-020-0130 Avl RFQ
Z1989503-235 module airspeed 6610-01-017-4789 Avl RFQ
Z1989502-247 computer subassembl 6610-01-017-4788 Avl RFQ
Z1989501-1 computer subassembl 6610-01-017-4787 Avl RFQ
Z1987586-1 panel mounting assy 6625-00-860-1386 Avl RFQ
YG916A1 bench set test 6615-00-405-6501 Avl RFQ
YG353A1 control system flig 6615-00-831-5751 Avl RFQ
YG1761 indicator multiple 6605-01-323-4398 Avl RFQ
YE1216F28 plug tip 5935-00-948-6219 Avl RFQ
YAE14Z3 terminal lug 5940-01-050-8182 Avl RFQ
Y152A10 capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-029-8921 Avl RFQ
Y1191 oscillator clock ga 4920-01-091-5948 Avl RFQ
Y-J2A relay electromagnet 5945-01-324-9545 Avl RFQ
Y-1191A oscillator clock ga 4920-01-091-5948 Avl RFQ
XT1-0457-0503-01-00 gear and switch ass 5930-00-116-4191 Avl RFQ
XP17664 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-054-0130 Avl RFQ
XN5045BLACK boot dust and moist 5930-00-138-7560 Avl RFQ
XN5045 boot dust and moist 5930-00-138-7560 Avl RFQ
XM30325 switch push 5930-00-236-8034 Avl RFQ
XA9898A attenuator variable 5985-00-097-6304 Avl RFQ
X70-3 resistor decade 6625-00-060-8781 Avl RFQ
X663F10392W2 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-421-6357 Avl RFQ
X514059 toroid assembly 4920-00-018-4491 Avl RFQ
X5131-14MD ring retaining 5325-00-136-3171 Avl RFQ
X306S mount crystal detec 4920-01-091-9951 Avl RFQ
X186S holder semiconducto 5961-00-097-6300 Avl RFQ
X143-0021-4.0MHZ oscillator crystal 5955-00-628-8953 Avl RFQ
X112T holder semiconducto 5961-00-097-6300 Avl RFQ
X0-5835 transformer audio f 5950-00-897-1166 Avl RFQ
WW22D1.0 power supply 6130-01-270-3802 Avl RFQ
WS6157-21000 contact electrical 5999-00-324-2772 Avl RFQ
WS6157-14000 contact electrical 5999-00-172-8257 Avl RFQ
WS22Y22C010 contact electrical 5999-00-469-4733 Avl RFQ
WP1000AF oscilloscope 6625-01-034-4833 Avl RFQ
WMA36-105-125-50-70-1-2-115 monitor power 4920-01-037-7649 Avl RFQ
WMA36-103-127-50-70-1-2-115 monitor power 4920-01-037-7649 Avl RFQ
WLH65 resistor fixed film 5905-00-070-5965 Avl RFQ
WKJX686 relay electromagnet 5945-00-973-9040 Avl RFQ
WJ-A77 amplifier radio fre 5996-01-306-8881 Avl RFQ
WG22A4 chassis modular mou 6615-00-962-1394 Avl RFQ
WG21B4 chassis electrical 5975-00-443-3427 Avl RFQ
WG219A3 mounting base elect 5975-01-075-4497 Avl RFQ
WG219A2 rack electrical equ 5975-00-782-5586 Avl RFQ
WG180A1 unit 6680-00-343-9500 Avl RFQ
WG1000AA01 mount special 5342-00-178-1406 Avl RFQ
WF6-8-50D1K1 capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-436-7886 Avl RFQ
WEE-39 coil radio frequenc 5950-01-146-3192 Avl RFQ
WEE-3.3 coil radio frequenc 5950-01-146-3194 Avl RFQ
WE2-473E capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-904-4274 Avl RFQ
WE2-473 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-904-4274 Avl RFQ
WE2-333E capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-426-9723 Avl RFQ
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