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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. Z8396, Z8390, Z103R2, Y-8878, XTS72 are all associated with the CAGE code 58614 and the manufacturer Tyco Electronics Corp. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 58614 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S5111A ADP Code : HQ0338
Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics Corp

CAGE Code 58614 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 58614 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
Z8396 relay electromagnet 5945-00-465-9725 Avl RFQ
Z8390 relay electromagnet 5945-00-465-9725 Avl RFQ
Z103R2 electron tube 5960-00-403-3911 Avl RFQ
Y-8878 switch stepping 5930-00-705-9931 Avl RFQ
XTS72 relay electromagnet 5945-00-258-3563 Avl RFQ
X8396 relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-0912 Avl RFQ
X1049 relay electromagnet 5945-00-105-2130 Avl RFQ
WSBIM6-26-5 relay electromagnet 5945-01-208-4943 Avl RFQ
WSB1-6-2-5 relay electromagnet 5945-00-172-8224 Avl RFQ
WSA2-6-26-5 relay electromagnet 5945-00-404-8635 Avl RFQ
WSA1060 circuit card assemb 5998-00-215-0023 Avl RFQ
WSA1058 circuit card assemb 5998-00-215-0042 Avl RFQ
WKYX283 relay electromagnet 5945-00-848-7145 Avl RFQ
WKJX389 relay electromagnet 5945-00-058-3935 Avl RFQ
WJSR6D4-0 relay electromagnetic 5945-00-099-9515 Avl RFQ
WJSPC-6D-4.0MADC relay electromagnet 5945-01-440-0405 Avl RFQ
W9 1007 electromagnet 5950-00-648-1395 Avl RFQ
W8878 switch stepping 5930-00-705-2108 Avl RFQ
W6 1023 coil electrical 5950-00-421-0998 Avl RFQ
W5 1008 coil electrical 5950-00-224-2079 Avl RFQ
W4 1021 coil electrical 5950-00-232-4774 Avl RFQ
W2-1064-5 coil electrical 5950-00-243-1647 Avl RFQ
W2-1064 coil electrical 5950-00-243-1647 Avl RFQ
W2-1061 relay electromagnet 5945-00-636-9180 Avl RFQ
W2-1026 coil electrical 5950-00-236-0255 Avl RFQ
W2 1024 1 contact assembly el 5945-00-387-3130 Avl RFQ
VP4HDCAB-26RSD relay electromagnet 5945-00-847-9837 Avl RFQ
VP4CAB47 relay electromagnet 5945-00-085-0711 Avl RFQ
VP4-5ACAB26 relay electromagnet 5945-00-139-1815 Avl RFQ
VP2HDCAB47T armature relay 5945-00-624-8407 Avl RFQ
VB8-3DA1 socket plug in elec 5935-00-957-0905 Avl RFQ
V105568 relay electromagnet 5945-00-825-3206 Avl RFQ
V00591-001 relay electromagnet 5945-00-406-4221 Avl RFQ
UN342006-001 relay electromagnet 5945-00-578-3735 Avl RFQ
TYPEKPTA40444 relay electromagnet 5945-00-642-0056 Avl RFQ
TSH-1948 relay electromagnet 5945-00-503-5208 Avl RFQ
TSD2-36B relay electromagnet 5945-01-249-5870 Avl RFQ
TSD1-26B relay electromagnet 5945-01-027-3871 Avl RFQ
TS7 1Y relay solid state 5945-01-425-2299 Avl RFQ
TS-1276 relay electromagnet 5945-00-583-7564 Avl RFQ
TPD1 26BA032 relay electromagnet 5945-01-325-1757 Avl RFQ
TOO2AN relay electromagnet 5945-00-764-2025 Avl RFQ
TMBH1217 relay electromagnet 5945-00-620-5976 Avl RFQ
TMBH-1257 relay electromagnet 5945-01-011-7278 Avl RFQ
TK287 relay electromagnet 5945-00-257-0341 Avl RFQ
TFHX-81 relay electromagnet 5945-00-043-3761 Avl RFQ
TF5101H01 relay electromagnet 5945-00-156-0251 Avl RFQ
TF2201H00 relay electromagnet 5945-00-164-9645 Avl RFQ
TDP-3 relay electromagnet 5945-01-474-2280 Avl RFQ
TDF-C-Y-O-F-1001 relay electromagnet 5945-01-426-8746 Avl RFQ
TDA1362-5001 relay electromagnet 5945-01-194-8465 Avl RFQ
TDA-1421 relay electromagnet 5945-01-296-8727 Avl RFQ
TDA-1367 relay electromagnet 5945-01-353-7926 Avl RFQ
TCSD3-12B relay electromagnetic 5945-01-232-5642 Avl RFQ
T7608277-106 contact electrical 5999-00-233-0380 Avl RFQ
T54B1 relay rotary 5945-00-568-9724 Avl RFQ
T2624 relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-6971 Avl RFQ
T10863 relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-0551 Avl RFQ
T101B relay electromagnet 5945-00-768-7255 Avl RFQ
T002AN relay electromagnet 5945-00-764-2025 Avl RFQ
T002-AS relay electromagnet 5945-00-403-1919 Avl RFQ
T002-1181 relay electromagnet 5945-00-138-3322 Avl RFQ
T-8878 switch stepping 5930-00-705-2106 Avl RFQ
T-1305 relay electromagnet 5945-00-633-6843 Avl RFQ
SWHX28 relay electromagnet 5945-00-257-7712 Avl RFQ
SV1C22D relay electromagnet 5945-00-583-8823 Avl RFQ
SV1C0-2D relay electromagnet 5945-00-583-8823 Avl RFQ
ST35008 relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-0869 Avl RFQ
ST23023 relay electromagnetic 5945-00-295-4744 Avl RFQ
SSBW-6C-24G relay electromagnet 5945-01-553-5953 Avl RFQ
SS 9124 relay electromagnet 5945-01-395-1208 Avl RFQ
SRCD4C24C relay electromagnet 5945-00-911-8503 Avl RFQ
SRC2C24A relay electromagnetic 5945-00-011-7896 Avl RFQ
SRB4C24B relay electromagnet 5945-00-732-9864 Avl RFQ
SRB4C24A relay electromagnet 5945-01-128-1726 Avl RFQ
SRAWD4C35B relay electromagnet 5945-00-758-7319 Avl RFQ
SRAW-4C-6B relay electromagnet 5945-01-359-9591 Avl RFQ
SRA-2C-24B relay electromagnet 5945-00-908-9106 Avl RFQ
SR7610L relay electromagnet 5945-01-247-8932 Avl RFQ
SR7610 relay electromagnet 5945-01-247-8932 Avl RFQ
SR7029 relay electromagnet 5945-00-137-8562 Avl RFQ
SR6951 relay electromagnet 5945-01-008-4669 Avl RFQ
SR6821 relay electromagnet 5945-00-485-8987 Avl RFQ
SR6818 relay electromagnet 5945-00-461-2339 Avl RFQ
SR6817 relay electromagnet 5945-00-457-8007 Avl RFQ
SR6738 relay electromagnet 5945-00-401-8649 Avl RFQ
SR6521 relay electromagnet 5945-00-789-3704 Avl RFQ
SR64102 relay electromagnet 5945-00-912-7543 Avl RFQ
SR62118 relay electromagnet 5945-00-904-8319 Avl RFQ
SR1021 relay electromagnet 5945-00-204-6573 Avl RFQ
SN42007 relay electromagnetic 5945-00-251-7408 Avl RFQ
SN42006 relay electromagnet 5945-00-250-6797 Avl RFQ
SN41002 relay electromagnet 5945-00-295-3206 Avl RFQ
SN41000 relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-6657 Avl RFQ
SMHX4-48VDC relay electromagnet 5945-00-259-0909 Avl RFQ
SMGSD 5381 relay electromagnet 5945-01-310-7291 Avl RFQ
SMD504616 relay electromagnet 5945-00-728-5973 Avl RFQ
SMD149855 relay electromagnet 5945-00-351-4648 Avl RFQ
SMC686737 relay electromagnet 5945-00-350-8307 Avl RFQ
SMC344365 relay electromagnet 5945-00-754-5871 Avl RFQ
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