Parts Catalog for Jewell Instruments Llc (15309 CAGE Code) Components

EKA4B18034, 611-15422, M-2064, 643-16332, 135 ZZ are all associated with the CAGE code 15309 and the manufacturer Jewell Instruments Llc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts  under the CAGE code 15309 purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. 

CAGE Code 15309 Details

Status : C Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : A Primary Business : J CAO Code : S2206A ADP Code : HQ0337

CAGE Code 15309 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 15309 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
EKA4B18034 voltmeter 6625-00-957-0501 Avl RFQ
611-15422 meter audio level 6625-00-763-8607 Avl RFQ
M-2064 multimeter 6625-00-451-6469 Avl RFQ
643-16332 ammeter 6625-00-369-5178 Avl RFQ
135 ZZ meter special scale 6625-01-059-5527 Avl RFQ
25-112301-1 ammeter 6625-00-563-3544 Avl RFQ
MK777-124 voltmeter 6625-01-045-4644 Avl RFQ
MK701-453 meter special scale 6625-01-163-3426 Avl RFQ
63A133338P6A meter electrical fr 6625-01-357-9767 Avl RFQ
522-2-2-00001 ammeter 6625-00-369-5178 Avl RFQ
M144-1008 wattmeter 6625-01-377-3626 Avl RFQ
310-08075 voltmeter 6625-00-817-9416 Avl RFQ
365-1004 ammeter 6625-00-539-8443 Avl RFQ
R-131 multimeter 6625-01-240-5075 Avl RFQ
16-4341 meter arbitrary sca 6625-00-762-2213 Avl RFQ
16-3031 voltmeter 6625-00-602-4262 Avl RFQ
365-533 voltmeter 6625-01-124-4161 Avl RFQ
SYN6AHB000B143 indicator range rat 6930-00-834-6132 Avl RFQ
235-008 ammeter 6625-01-093-6749 Avl RFQ
65A81C134 meter electrical fr 6625-00-006-0604 Avl RFQ
20021163-2 spring lh movable a 5342-00-086-5884 Avl RFQ
47-012788 ammeter 6625-00-881-9199 Avl RFQ
409412-1 ammeter 6625-01-117-1810 Avl RFQ
135-541 wattmeter 6625-01-393-1980 Avl RFQ
726-104 voltmeter 6625-00-902-4060 Avl RFQ
63A133831P1 meter special scale 6625-01-202-2621 Avl RFQ
908-249 voltmeter 6625-00-009-2379 Avl RFQ
101-000-200 power supply 6130-00-700-9263 Avl RFQ
50-380086-3 ammeter 6625-00-933-1252 Avl RFQ
69-773 frequency meter mat 6625-00-003-0971 Avl RFQ
425097-01 meter null 6625-00-877-4091 Avl RFQ
4220S004-17 meter special scale 6625-01-063-2523 Avl RFQ
631-482869-1 meter special scale 6625-00-534-7709 Avl RFQ
4981-110 wattmeter 6625-01-380-9791 Avl RFQ
2452-065 meter special scale 6625-00-213-8601 Avl RFQ
SM-C-800837-1 ammeter 6625-01-102-8660 Avl RFQ
M-1907 meter arbitrary sca 6625-00-948-7371 Avl RFQ
4231-510168 meter audio level 6625-00-755-6802 Avl RFQ
2664644-1 voltmeter 6625-01-194-4451 Avl RFQ
MR34W100ACAAR ammeter 6625-01-272-3603 Avl RFQ
631-18256 meter arbitrary sca 6625-01-070-6950 Avl RFQ
AFX3MN40146 voltmeter 6625-00-878-8149 Avl RFQ
BCD1776 meter special scale 6625-00-434-7311 Avl RFQ
4991-011 meter electrical fr 6625-01-302-9092 Avl RFQ
366-024 ammeter 6625-01-068-2740 Avl RFQ
671B420A17 ammeter 6625-00-190-5579 Avl RFQ
3801-3235964REVBPCSYMB0LMA ammeter 6625-00-538-8828 Avl RFQ
239-001 meter electrical fr 6625-01-412-3365 Avl RFQ
SYN6AVB000B139 indicator temperatu 6930-00-834-5923 Avl RFQ
621-17113 meter electrical fr 6625-00-763-8608 Avl RFQ
293B099A11 ammeter 6625-00-943-3714 Avl RFQ
DND3N20677 meter special scale 6625-00-871-7976 Avl RFQ
10178305 meter arbitrary sca 6625-01-043-3139 Avl RFQ
486-041 voltmeter 6625-00-880-3943 Avl RFQ
MR13W100DCUAR ammeter 6625-00-989-6591 Avl RFQ
1800809 ammeter 6625-00-902-8965 Avl RFQ
63A133507 TABLE 1 PART 26 meter special scale 6625-01-267-2848 Avl RFQ
419-6201-724914PC1 voltmeter 6625-00-649-4803 Avl RFQ
265-491 meter multiple scal 6625-01-223-5740 Avl RFQ
ADD3-20362 voltmeter 6625-00-935-1316 Avl RFQ
951B248-1 voltmeter 6625-01-068-2619 Avl RFQ
AED-N30542-1A multimeter 6625-01-033-5486 Avl RFQ
SYN6AVB000B136 indicator fuel flow 6930-00-834-5919 Avl RFQ
631-15845 meter null 6625-00-437-3693 Avl RFQ
4951-266 voltmeter 6625-00-684-5329 Avl RFQ
425-0-300VAC voltmeter 6625-00-643-1997 Avl RFQ
M-1185 voltmeter 6625-00-235-8528 Avl RFQ
ASC1532716 multimeter 6625-01-240-5075 Avl RFQ
476-0395-00 wattmeter 6625-00-900-8686 Avl RFQ
50-106352APAP3 meter electrical fr 6625-00-435-2338 Avl RFQ
M55RS08837 voltmeter 6625-00-988-4443 Avl RFQ
366-070 voltmeter 6625-00-766-0696 Avl RFQ
265-323 meter special scale 6625-00-124-1330 Avl RFQ
36N-1003-506-20003 ammeter 6625-00-860-7302 Avl RFQ
4220S004-9 pyrometer indicatin 6685-01-042-3527 Avl RFQ
431161 voltmeter 6625-00-763-8856 Avl RFQ
4931-015 voltmeter 6625-01-431-5169 Avl RFQ
MP16102-2 jewel and screw ass 6695-00-071-0242 Avl RFQ
124-157 meter 6625-00-325-8510 Avl RFQ
301-4602102 ammeter 6625-00-045-8064 Avl RFQ
560936-000 ammeter 6625-01-006-6337 Avl RFQ
J1B2BE63 meter arbitrary sca 6625-00-946-6080 Avl RFQ
643-16766 pyrometer indicatin 6685-01-042-3526 Avl RFQ
SM-A-883151 meter relay 6625-01-030-5342 Avl RFQ
495-342 ammeter 6625-01-289-8039 Avl RFQ
MK701-317 meter electrical fr 6625-01-437-9994 Avl RFQ
707810 ITEM NO 126 wattmeter 6625-01-433-0349 Avl RFQ
MMI-10520 voltmeter 6625-00-337-8371 Avl RFQ
431-90 voltmeter 6625-00-965-1871 Avl RFQ
250340KMKM ammeter 6625-00-093-8265 Avl RFQ
SM-A-916425 meter special scale 6625-01-052-3826 Avl RFQ
1930-10-804 voltmeter 6625-00-959-4475 Avl RFQ
1778-A meter electrical fr 6625-00-179-5147 Avl RFQ
1539R1A voltmeter 6625-00-244-7223 Avl RFQ
633-19209 meter electrical fr 6625-00-785-3513 Avl RFQ
H650CSH1PC13 meter remote interm 6625-00-671-5003 Avl RFQ
366-073 voltmeter 6625-01-045-4644 Avl RFQ
C4524 meter audio level 6625-00-866-9195 Avl RFQ
16-5405 meter special scale 6625-00-890-3001 Avl RFQ
65A-75-C33-1 voltmeter 6625-01-278-9293 Avl RFQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CAGE Code 15309

What Is the Importance of CAGE Code 15309?
  • CAGE Code 15309 is an identification code assigned to the manufacturer Jewell Instruments Llc. In general, a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to a particular facility or location where an entity operates, and it confirms that they are qualified to supply products to the federal government.
Which Products Are Associated with CAGE Code 15309?
  • The items we stock from the manufacturer Jewell Instruments Llc. under the CAGE Code 15309 include part numbers such as EKA4B18034, 611-15422, M-2064, 643-16332, 135 ZZ. For reference, the item names for these part numbers in listing format are Voltmeter, Meter Audio Level, Multimeter, Ammeter, Meter Special Scale respectively.
What Is a CAO Code, and Which CAO Code Is Used for CAGE Code 15309?
  • A CAGE Contract Administration Office (CAO) code is a type of machine-generated code typically used alongside Automatic Data Processing Point codes to identify the primary business activity of the entity holding the particular CAGE Code. For CAGE Code 15309, the CAO code is listed as S2206A.
What Is an ADP, and Which ADP Code Is Assigned to CAGE Code 15309?
  • Automatic Data Processing Point codes, also known as ADPP or ADP point codes, are machine-generated numbers used in conjunction with CAO codes for transactional processes. The CAGE Code 15309, is linked with the ADP code HQ0337.
Where Is the Jewell Instruments Llc. Facility Tied to CAGE Code 15309 Located?
  • Jewell Instruments Llc. was located at 850 PERIMETER RD MANCHESTER, NH, 03103-3324 UNITED STATES while operating under CAGE Code 15309.
Did Jewell Instruments Llc. Have Any Special Ownership Characteristics While Operating under CAGE Code 15309?
  • No, Jewell Instruments Llc. was not a woman-owned entity and did not have any other special business type associated with CAGE Code 15309.
How Can I Request a Quote for Parts Associated with CAGE Code 15309?
  • If you find any part number of interest listed within our CAGE Code 15309 catalog, we encourage you to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) form through our website. Our quotation process is quick and seamless, with our experts using the information you provide within your submission to offer tailored procurement options, all within 15 minutes of our review.

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