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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. ZZ1143, ZT80-98CC0T-BB, ZSP10-1001-2, ZP7-A, ZL4758J are all associated with the CAGE code 07187 and the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 07187 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S3500A ADP Code : HQ0339
Manufacturer: Honeywell International Inc

CAGE Code 07187 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 07187 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
ZZ1143 microcircuit linear 5962-01-496-2987 Avl RFQ
ZT80-98CC0T-BB cover junction box 5975-01-078-0649 Avl RFQ
ZSP10-1001-2 nut plain clinch 5310-00-341-7465 Avl RFQ
ZP7-A resolver electrical 5990-00-951-2482 Avl RFQ
ZL4758J capacitor fixed met 5910-00-251-7654 Avl RFQ
ZL4758 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-251-7654 Avl RFQ
ZDT4613 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-369-9294 Avl RFQ
ZD6A473J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-492-2033 Avl RFQ
ZD6A224J capacitor fixed met 5910-01-018-5623 Avl RFQ
ZD4L333J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-369-9280 Avl RFQ
ZD4L103J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-369-9274 Avl RFQ
ZCC192-288CD2465 case equipment 6605-00-782-0299 Avl RFQ
ZC200 flight director com 6930-01-041-1773 Avl RFQ
ZA82A semiconductor devic 5961-00-079-6881 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-93 capacitor fixed pla 5910-01-065-0385 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-60 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-905-9444 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-21 capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-492-2033 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-138 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-116-4902 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-137 capacitor fixed met 5910-01-013-7099 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-133 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-460-5548 Avl RFQ
ZA7314-115 capacitor fixed met 5910-01-084-2940 Avl RFQ
ZA2G155J capacitor fixed met 5910-00-901-5864 Avl RFQ
ZA2B102K capacitor fixed met 5910-00-929-0477 Avl RFQ
Z993L05XR1CJ semiconductor devic 5961-01-118-3915 Avl RFQ
Z850X10C01 bearing unit ball 3130-01-095-3513 Avl RFQ
Z5X104J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-892-8744 Avl RFQ
Z1X104J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-892-8744 Avl RFQ
Z1G473G capacitor fixed met 5910-00-957-2777 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7677450000TBM light panel 6210-01-336-2686 Avl RFQ
YIC124-SV ferrule metallic sh 5940-01-270-7783 Avl RFQ
YC4-2S clamp synchro 5340-00-152-6141 Avl RFQ
YAES10-L83 terminal lug 5940-00-082-4832 Avl RFQ
XP89426 heat sink electrica 5999-01-183-6669 Avl RFQ
XO-53B 8.0MHZ oscillator crystal 5955-01-435-1008 Avl RFQ
XMFS86-147-10 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-045-8066 Avl RFQ
XHFS2708-10 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-553-3437 Avl RFQ
XHFE2657T3-10 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-547-2960 Avl RFQ
XHF2708S10 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-553-3437 Avl RFQ
XHF2657P49-10 capacitor fixed pap 5910-00-547-2960 Avl RFQ
XD422 capacitor fixed cer 5910-01-047-7887 Avl RFQ
XD1400K connector plug elec 5935-00-897-9834 Avl RFQ
XCG-49L arrester electrical 5920-01-182-8258 Avl RFQ
XCG-13L arrester electrical 5920-01-016-2764 Avl RFQ
XA2A684J capacitor fixed met 5910-01-024-0836 Avl RFQ
X8060-1G17R5 socket plug in elec 5935-00-404-9156 Avl RFQ
X8058-52G1R5 socket plug in elec 5935-00-190-4511 Avl RFQ
X8058-34GIR5 socket plug in elec 5935-00-929-4900 Avl RFQ
X8058-34G1R5 socket plug in elec 5935-00-929-4900 Avl RFQ
X8058-1G32R5 socket plug in elec 5935-00-532-2405 Avl RFQ
X7A1149 semiconductor devic 5961-00-401-7735 Avl RFQ
X72479 screw externally re 5305-00-379-5660 Avl RFQ
X72465 screw externally re 5305-01-330-2307 Avl RFQ
X663F50452W capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-958-5392 Avl RFQ
X663F15452W capacitor fixed met 5910-00-840-3555 Avl RFQ
X663F15401W2 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-840-3555 Avl RFQ
X6-51 capacitor fixed met 5910-00-762-2749 Avl RFQ
X50-209 ring retaining 5325-01-099-6897 Avl RFQ
X463UW4745R50W capacitor fixed metallized paper plastic dielectri 5910-01-007-1552 Avl RFQ
X463UW474550W2 capacitor fixed metallized paper plastic dielectri 5910-01-007-1552 Avl RFQ
X463UW33315 capacitor fixed pla 5910-01-020-1741 Avl RFQ
X4-123B47 resistor fixed film 5905-01-086-6326 Avl RFQ
X28C256DMB-25 microcircuit memory 5962-01-306-5562 Avl RFQ
X22C12DMB microcircuit digita 5962-01-464-4387 Avl RFQ
X20C04EMB-25 microcircuit memory 5962-01-274-7927 Avl RFQ
X2004EM-25 C6317 microcircuit memory 5962-01-274-7927 Avl RFQ
X143-0037-16MHZ oscillator crystal 5955-01-151-1312 Avl RFQ
X1014 transformer pulse 5950-01-061-5341 Avl RFQ
X0-538-8.0MHZ oscillator crystal 5955-01-435-1008 Avl RFQ
X-1269-1 transformer pulse 5950-01-203-8492 Avl RFQ
WTB70SED97 connector receptacl 5935-01-128-5792 Avl RFQ
WTB70PD9J connector receptacl 5935-01-090-7211 Avl RFQ
WTB60PR11J connector receptacl 5935-01-084-6358 Avl RFQ
WTB56PD9J connector receptacl 5935-01-084-0794 Avl RFQ
WTB54PR11J connector receptacl 5935-01-084-6357 Avl RFQ
WTB30SED9J connector receptacl 5935-01-093-2515 Avl RFQ
WTB20PD9J connector receptacl 5935-01-134-8048 Avl RFQ
WTAX44SECJTB connector plug elec 5935-01-178-6471 Avl RFQ
WTAV36PD9J connector receptacl 5935-01-176-7187 Avl RFQ
WTAV20PD9J connector receptacl 5935-01-090-3119 Avl RFQ
WTA44SW32JL connector receptacl 5935-01-182-0761 Avl RFQ
WTA10SW32JL connector receptacl 5935-01-181-0037 Avl RFQ
WT8SED9-D54 connector receptacl 5935-01-422-6790 Avl RFQ
WT7SED9-D54 contact assembly el 5999-01-420-7724 Avl RFQ
WT16SED9 connector plug elec 5935-01-089-9805 Avl RFQ
WS8535 network circuit pro 5915-00-951-0065 Avl RFQ
WS57C51C-55CMB microcircuit memory 5962-01-418-0566 Avl RFQ
WS512K8-55CM microcircuit memory 5962-01-432-2116 Avl RFQ
WS27C010L-12CMB microcircuit memory 5962-01-418-0568 Avl RFQ
WRG50SAD9JTB-E41 connector receptacl 5935-01-415-8473 Avl RFQ
WRA2T028F104M resistor variable n 5905-01-182-4716 Avl RFQ
WPR473J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-251-7657 Avl RFQ
WPR393J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-251-7655 Avl RFQ
WPR333J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-241-9578 Avl RFQ
WPR273J capacitor fixed pla 5910-00-241-9577 Avl RFQ
WMCSRS 11-2-12 synchro control tra 5990-01-225-5374 Avl RFQ
WM1-2 3401D resistor fixed wire 5905-00-901-6493 Avl RFQ
WL60-2431PMFT2 resistor fixed film 5905-00-145-9445 Avl RFQ
WL60-1961PMFT2 resistor fixed film 5905-00-451-7518 Avl RFQ
WL60-1022PMFT2 resistor fixed film 5905-00-004-6078 Avl RFQ
WKJX41 relay electromagnet 5945-00-960-3729 Avl RFQ
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