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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. ZCV-100-10F, Z083011237, Z00.N7323251209, Z00.N5108301105, YR-1024 are all associated with the CAGE code 06848 and the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 06848 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S1403A ADP Code : HQ0339
Manufacturer: Honeywell International Inc

CAGE Code 06848 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 06848 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
ZCV-100-10F valve safety relief 4820-01-060-2003 Avl RFQ
Z083011237 plug machine thread 5365-00-045-8859 Avl RFQ
Z00.N7323251209 pin cotter 5315-00-021-1189 Avl RFQ
Z00.N5108301105 bolt machine 5306-00-182-2016 Avl RFQ
YR-1024 bearing roller trac 3110-01-396-1752 Avl RFQ
XTM805T170P0F capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-859-3120 Avl RFQ
XTHS806U060P0K capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-303-8774 Avl RFQ
XTH247U018P0L capacitor fixed ele 5910-00-660-7507 Avl RFQ
X920431 valve regulating fl 4810-01-426-2617 Avl RFQ
WWA26X33001F resistor fixed wire 5905-00-859-4956 Avl RFQ
WWA-24-43 resistor fixed wire 5905-00-686-9319 Avl RFQ
WU322703 brake shoe 2530-01-174-4104 Avl RFQ
WPP336 gasket 5330-00-360-7245 Avl RFQ
WPP241 clip spring tension 5340-00-376-0446 Avl RFQ
WPP225 gasket 5330-00-360-7245 Avl RFQ
WPP222 jet discharge 2910-00-143-6626 Avl RFQ
WPP2115 jet 2910-00-366-6170 Avl RFQ
WPP122 gasket 5330-00-256-7039 Avl RFQ
WPP113 carburetor float 2910-00-255-2284 Avl RFQ
W1621-019 washer spring tensi 5310-01-234-9423 Avl RFQ
W12155 strainer element se 4730-01-223-2709 Avl RFQ
W-14251 screen assembly hea 2915-01-224-0790 Avl RFQ
W-13458 strainer element se 4730-01-228-5330 Avl RFQ
W-13437 strainer element se 4730-01-228-5329 Avl RFQ
W-12085 screen assembly mod 2915-01-223-5814 Avl RFQ
W-12018 strainer element se 4730-01-222-1880 Avl RFQ
W-10864 filter assembly elb 2915-01-039-4679 Avl RFQ
W-10642 filter assembly red 2915-01-040-1362 Avl RFQ
W-10625 filter assembly tee 2915-00-771-2164 Avl RFQ
VXCA2503270D restrictor unit flu 4730-01-223-2430 Avl RFQ
VDCA1945112H restrictor unit flu 4730-01-222-6449 Avl RFQ
VDCA1840162H restrictor unit flu 4730-01-219-8317 Avl RFQ
VDCA1830410H restrictor unit flu 4730-01-223-3411 Avl RFQ
VDCA1830330H restrictor unit flu 4730-01-223-8358 Avl RFQ
VCU-Q 1280 4M 4V 4S circuit card assemb 5998-01-426-3959 Avl RFQ
V3E10103 ITEM 52 retainer packing 5330-00-892-1608 Avl RFQ
V3E10103 ITEM 46 retainer packing 5330-00-821-8848 Avl RFQ
V3E10005PC40 retainer packing 5330-00-821-8848 Avl RFQ
V3D10198 ITEM 27 retainer packing 5330-00-814-2372 Avl RFQ
UFX-26 cooler fluid indust 4420-01-428-4486 Avl RFQ
TYPE 700 cap oil tank 4920-01-133-2715 Avl RFQ
TYPE 60 restrictor and filt 2915-01-100-1731 Avl RFQ
TXD-229-648 circuit card assembly 5998-01-686-1270 Avl RFQ
TX93076-5 ring retaining 5325-00-205-4224 Avl RFQ
TW-200-280-077 insulator bushing 5970-01-210-4864 Avl RFQ
TTU-501 M test stand electric 4920-01-260-1021 Avl RFQ
TTU-500 F test station fuel c 4920-01-216-0455 Avl RFQ
TTU-499 F test station fuel c 4920-01-217-0109 Avl RFQ
TTU-498 F test station fuel c 4920-01-218-4171 Avl RFQ
TS488 nut self locking he 5310-00-596-6870 Avl RFQ
TPLL1807-1 bearing aircraft ma 1680-01-545-5357 Avl RFQ
TJE 8017-01 transmitter pressur 6685-01-515-0201 Avl RFQ
TJE 8016-03 transmitter pressur 6685-01-423-6298 Avl RFQ
TFE 811-028 retainer packing 5330-00-814-2372 Avl RFQ
TE6337 thermocouple immers 6685-00-868-8485 Avl RFQ
TD7043 fixture hold down 3465-01-356-8037 Avl RFQ
TD7039 fixture hold down 3465-01-356-8039 Avl RFQ
TC17838-3 bolt machine 5306-00-145-7089 Avl RFQ
TA722SS4AW clamp loop 5340-00-953-3837 Avl RFQ
TA713SS4T clamp fuel control 5342-00-403-3495 Avl RFQ
TA57D62P6HQ bolt machine 5306-01-108-9248 Avl RFQ
TA567H3-3 clamp loop 5340-00-874-2161 Avl RFQ
TA552SS37 clamp loop 5340-00-874-2117 Avl RFQ
TA0300004 clamp loop 5340-01-113-0905 Avl RFQ
TA02112C004TF clamp loop 5340-01-220-9919 Avl RFQ
T2T284 weight torque test 4920-00-705-0240 Avl RFQ
T27378 fixture machining a 4920-00-711-7310 Avl RFQ
T27360 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-928-7277 Avl RFQ
T27351 pliers 5120-00-703-6220 Avl RFQ
T27300 wrench box 5120-00-715-8467 Avl RFQ
T27038 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-674-0099 Avl RFQ
T27022 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-650-1493 Avl RFQ
T27003 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-614-6671 Avl RFQ
T27000 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-650-1499 Avl RFQ
T26946 puller mechanical 5120-00-606-3593 Avl RFQ
T26876 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-606-2974 Avl RFQ
T26849 installing tool thr 5120-00-591-0416 Avl RFQ
T26802 fixture control ass 4920-00-571-5769 Avl RFQ
T26801 holder vapor vent 4920-00-979-5632 Avl RFQ
T26789 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-536-9611 Avl RFQ
T26781 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-546-6530 Avl RFQ
T26777 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-546-6507 Avl RFQ
T26774 positioning tool sp 5120-00-536-9522 Avl RFQ
T26770 alignment tool spee 5120-00-536-9620 Avl RFQ
T26763 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-536-9505 Avl RFQ
T26536 key socket head scr 5120-00-540-1263 Avl RFQ
T26531 screwdriver stand p 5120-00-562-3212 Avl RFQ
T26509 puller mechanical 5120-00-562-3195 Avl RFQ
T25985 adapter torque wren 5120-00-525-8618 Avl RFQ
T25982 punch valve arm 5120-00-525-8644 Avl RFQ
T25924 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-319-4328 Avl RFQ
T25879 positioning tool go 5120-00-536-9523 Avl RFQ
T25875 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-334-5112 Avl RFQ
T25868 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-319-4320 Avl RFQ
T25860 gage profile 5220-00-323-5852 Avl RFQ
T25859 depressor rack 4920-00-319-4318 Avl RFQ
T25851 fixture aircraft ma 4920-00-336-0531 Avl RFQ
T25847 wrench he agon sock 5120-00-568-5370 Avl RFQ
T25823 wrench spanner 5120-00-288-7879 Avl RFQ
T25819 clamp boost venturi 5120-00-330-6582 Avl RFQ
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