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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. WRG32F2FBBNN, WRG32F2BBREN, WH12X324, W750-2051, W424-105D are all associated with the CAGE code 01963 and the manufacturer Cherry Electrical Products Corp. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 01963 Details

Address :11200 88TH AVE PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI, 53158-2306 UNITED STATES
Status : H Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : -
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S1403A ADP Code : HQ0339
Manufacturer: Cherry Electrical Products Corp

CAGE Code 01963 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 01963 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
WRG32F2FBBNN switch electronic 5930-01-619-5727 Avl RFQ
WRG32F2BBREN switch toggle 5930-01-591-4171 Avl RFQ
WH12X324 switch sensitive 5930-00-412-1564 Avl RFQ
W750-2051 display optoelectro 5980-01-224-8442 Avl RFQ
W424-105D display optoelectro 5980-01-270-0339 Avl RFQ
W424-1051 display optoelectro 5980-01-341-5562 Avl RFQ
W290683146400 keyboard data entry 7025-01-440-5622 Avl RFQ
V3L-1-D8 switch sensitive 5930-00-062-6800 Avl RFQ
V3-3023-D8 switch sensitive 5930-01-020-2532 Avl RFQ
V3-21-D8 switch sensitive 5930-00-689-4814 Avl RFQ
V3-19M switch sensitive 5930-01-331-7483 Avl RFQ
USCD-10119-1 switch sensitive 5930-00-462-1811 Avl RFQ
U4100-SY-06-00411-04-14-00-00-00 keyboard data entry 7025-01-571-0534 Avl RFQ
U4100-SY-06-00411-02-02-03-00-00 keyboard data entry 7025-01-571-0534 Avl RFQ
U4100-SY-06-00411-01-03-02-00-00 keyboard data entry 7025-01-571-0534 Avl RFQ
TM-4-W switch sensitive 5930-00-689-4814 Avl RFQ
T75-74MA switch assembly 5930-01-123-8417 Avl RFQ
T75-70MA switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-123-8416 Avl RFQ
T75-01M2 switch code indicat 5930-01-123-8414 Avl RFQ
T71-02A switch code indicat 5930-01-208-8125 Avl RFQ
T65-88A2 switch code indicat 5930-01-290-8483 Avl RFQ
T65-03AM switch toggle 5930-01-349-3172 Avl RFQ
T65-02EV switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-323-4221 Avl RFQ
T65-02AV switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-320-0495 Avl RFQ
T60 02M 3 switch assembly 5930-01-113-6234 Avl RFQ
T56-22M switch push 5930-01-394-8425 Avl RFQ
T56-04M switch code indicat 5930-01-432-2745 Avl RFQ
T56-03GM switch code indicat 5930-01-333-7217 Avl RFQ
T56-02M switch push 5930-01-394-8427 Avl RFQ
T55-94M switch code indicat 5930-01-319-4078 Avl RFQ
T51-02M3 light emitting diod 5980-01-418-8478 Avl RFQ
T50-24M3 switch code indicat 5930-01-398-0272 Avl RFQ
T50-13M4 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-271-2160 Avl RFQ
T50-04M2 switch code indicat 5930-01-183-9378 Avl RFQ
T50-02M3 switch code indicat 5930-01-218-4620 Avl RFQ
T50-02M2 switch code indicat 5930-01-228-0687 Avl RFQ
T50 94M switch code indicat 5930-01-218-5481 Avl RFQ
T38J 02M1 switch code indicat 5930-01-441-2497 Avl RFQ
T35-04A1 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-110-7251 Avl RFQ
T35 02A switch code indicat 5930-01-318-4050 Avl RFQ
T30-13A(2X switch code indicat 5930-01-297-9809 Avl RFQ
T24J-02M4 switch code indicat 5930-01-259-6416 Avl RFQ
T24J 12A4 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-350-0743 Avl RFQ
T24J 02M3 switch code indicat 5930-01-144-1624 Avl RFQ
T24-02M2 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-162-4294 Avl RFQ
T20J22BA switch code indicat 5930-01-397-2035 Avl RFQ
T20J22A3 switch code indicat 5930-01-411-7743 Avl RFQ
T20J21BA switch code indicat 5930-01-397-2037 Avl RFQ
T20J21A3 switch code indicat 5930-01-411-7740 Avl RFQ
T20J13A2 switch code indicat 5930-01-396-9012 Avl RFQ
T20J-18A2 switch code indicat 5930-01-262-6843 Avl RFQ
T20J-08A12 switch code indicat 5930-01-346-4136 Avl RFQ
T20J-03A1 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-107-1055 Avl RFQ
T20-95M9 switch code indicat 5930-01-305-9311 Avl RFQ
T20-95A switch code indicat 5930-01-205-1569 Avl RFQ
T20-93MF switch assembly 5930-01-147-5843 Avl RFQ
T20-89M5 switch code indicat 5930-01-124-0167 Avl RFQ
T20-89M4 switch code indicat 5930-01-123-8758 Avl RFQ
T20-89A4 switch code indicat 5930-01-314-0970 Avl RFQ
T20-88A2 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-154-1107 Avl RFQ
T20-77A3 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-439-1138 Avl RFQ
T20-70MC switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-095-0275 Avl RFQ
T20-69AF switch code indicat 5930-01-189-5277 Avl RFQ
T20-68AF switch code indicat 5930-01-189-5275 Avl RFQ
T20-65AD switch code indicat 5930-01-175-2405 Avl RFQ
T20-63MQ switch code indicat 5930-01-243-0730 Avl RFQ
T20-51-MN switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-045-1013 Avl RFQ
T20-47M1 switch code indicat 5930-01-030-7976 Avl RFQ
T20-40MH switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-020-1328 Avl RFQ
T20-27-MR switch code indicat 5930-01-329-5858 Avl RFQ
T20-22A switch code indicat 5930-01-189-5276 Avl RFQ
T20-15M3 switch code indicat 5930-01-030-8037 Avl RFQ
T20-15A1 switch 5930-01-227-2228 Avl RFQ
T20-14MQ switch code indicat 5930-01-243-0731 Avl RFQ
T20-13M-1 switch code indicat 5930-01-100-0818 Avl RFQ
T20-13A3 switch code indicat 5930-01-091-2939 Avl RFQ
T20-13A-4 switch code indicat 5930-01-260-1409 Avl RFQ
T20-12M5 switch code indicat 5930-00-626-2379 Avl RFQ
T20-12M4 switch code indicat 5930-00-546-5483 Avl RFQ
T20-12M3 switch code indicat 5930-00-626-2377 Avl RFQ
T20-12M2 switch code indicat 5930-01-336-7679 Avl RFQ
T20-12A2 switch code indicat 5930-01-153-9574 Avl RFQ
T20-09A switch code indicat 5930-01-057-7030 Avl RFQ
T20-08AL switch code indicat 5930-01-137-5408 Avl RFQ
T20-08A1 switch code indicat 5930-01-111-4885 Avl RFQ
T20-07AL switch code indicat 5930-01-137-5407 Avl RFQ
T20-04A switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-043-7909 Avl RFQ
T20-04-WC switch code indicat 5930-01-266-2184 Avl RFQ
T20-02MH switch code indicat 5930-01-221-8050 Avl RFQ
T20-02M5 switch code indicat 5930-01-110-7252 Avl RFQ
T20-02M4 switch code indicat 5930-01-179-0286 Avl RFQ
T20-02M switch code indicat 5930-01-110-7252 Avl RFQ
T20-02L switch code indicat 5930-01-292-7553 Avl RFQ
T20-02A6 switch code indicating wheel 5930-01-113-6232 Avl RFQ
T20-02A switch code indicat 5930-01-191-9740 Avl RFQ
T20-01A switch code indicat 5930-01-017-1906 Avl RFQ
T20 95M8 switch code indicat 5930-01-305-9310 Avl RFQ
T20 91MS switch code indicat 5930-00-546-5482 Avl RFQ
T20 89M3 switch code indicat 5930-01-124-0166 Avl RFQ
T20 80AU switch assembly 5930-01-380-0135 Avl RFQ
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