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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, NSN Fulfilment is your one-stop-shop for all your parts purchasing. We stock over 2 billion parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. 0-1287SIA117A, 000-027-120, 000-028-548, 000-2000-1133, 000-25-2577 are all associated with the CAGE code 01276 and the manufacturer Eaton Aeroquip Inc. All the parts that we source and ship are quality-tested and verified as up to industry standard. We only source from manufacturers we trust, which is why we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING POLICY. Each part is shipped using our ASAP supply chain. We offer expedited and same-day shipping to our customers in AOG situations. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code 01276 Details

Status : A Type : A Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : E Primary Business : J CAO Code : S2305A ADP Code : HQ0337
Manufacturer: Eaton Aeroquip Inc

CAGE Code 01276 Manufacturer

CAGE Code 01276 Manufacturing Part Numbers

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
0-1287SIA117A oscillator noncryst 5955-00-816-4260 Avl RFQ
000-027-120 adapter straight pi 4730-01-268-3919 Avl RFQ
000-028-548 elbow tube to boss 4730-01-234-1730 Avl RFQ
000-2000-1133 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-646-7003 Avl RFQ
000-25-2577 adapter straight pi 4730-01-250-1783 Avl RFQ
000-25-2577-1 adapter straight pi 4730-01-250-1783 Avl RFQ
000-367-008 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-308-0722 Avl RFQ
000-367-008-002 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-308-0722 Avl RFQ
000-8002-381 elbow pipe 4730-00-137-7875 Avl RFQ
000-8002-471 adapter straight pi 4730-01-117-9512 Avl RFQ
000-8005-253 adapter straight tu 4730-01-012-5660 Avl RFQ
000-8006-080 cross pipe 4730-01-165-9214 Avl RFQ
000-8006-302 adapter straight pi 4730-01-252-0687 Avl RFQ
000-8006-353 adapter straight pi 4730-01-042-2960 Avl RFQ
000-8006-369 adapter straight pi 4730-01-239-7501 Avl RFQ
000-A265146-8-60 3-8 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-902-1583 Avl RFQ
00004A3309-1 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-532-9608 Avl RFQ
00004A3310-1 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-532-9612 Avl RFQ
00004A3909-1 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-532-9608 Avl RFQ
0001108-1007 elbow pipe 4730-00-819-3737 Avl RFQ
0001560-5104 hose nonmetallic 4720-00-457-0020 Avl RFQ
000747 elbow tube to hose 4730-00-167-3794 Avl RFQ
001-60054 tee pipe to tube 4730-00-683-8855 Avl RFQ
00112-287-00 motor hydraulic 4320-01-391-5920 Avl RFQ
001807V004 tubing nonmetallic 4720-01-329-7261 Avl RFQ
002 2204 valve check 4820-00-430-5583 Avl RFQ
002-22805 valve check 4820-00-430-5584 Avl RFQ
00205-0254 reducer tube 4730-01-160-5766 Avl RFQ
00242-0062 adapter straight pi 4730-00-203-2984 Avl RFQ
002762V001 tee pipe to tube 4730-01-133-9867 Avl RFQ
003 35004 elbow pipe 4730-00-278-4497 Avl RFQ
003 40054 elbow pipe 4730-00-778-0218 Avl RFQ
003-40006 elbow pipe 4730-00-278-4822 Avl RFQ
003537V009 elbow pipe to tube 4730-01-096-0574 Avl RFQ
003568V009 adapter straight pi 4730-01-123-0254 Avl RFQ
003662V006 adapter straight tu 4730-01-329-2144 Avl RFQ
003664V001 adapter straight pi 4730-01-329-2142 Avl RFQ
003664V003 adapter straight pi 4730-01-329-2143 Avl RFQ
003703V002 tee pipe to tube 4730-01-134-7761 Avl RFQ
005 00141 reducer tube 4730-00-590-8064 Avl RFQ
00737 gasket 5330-00-166-6577 Avl RFQ
00783 plug pipe 4730-01-216-9355 Avl RFQ
008352 adapter straight tu 4730-00-073-2151 Avl RFQ
008352-7 adapter straight tu 4730-00-073-2151 Avl RFQ
008372-02C tee tube 4730-01-222-9635 Avl RFQ
00863 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-596-5084 Avl RFQ
009 06 B 606 606 01475 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-780-2010 Avl RFQ
009-411ID1 hose nonmetallic 4720-00-403-0049 Avl RFQ
009-413 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-226-7823 Avl RFQ
00903H-102J02-010 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-281-3088 Avl RFQ
00904-604604-0134 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-944-0395 Avl RFQ
00904-640604-0610 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-057-4284 Avl RFQ
009043 102404 01400 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-761-8962 Avl RFQ
00904B 102404 60 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-016-7648 Avl RFQ
00904B 104B04 02800 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-179-6271 Avl RFQ
00904B B05 adapter straight tu 4730-01-361-0499 Avl RFQ
00904B J02 J02 031 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-504-8882 Avl RFQ
00904B-102 adapter straight pi 4730-01-363-3050 Avl RFQ
00904B-102J02-0100 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-281-3088 Avl RFQ
00904B-104 adapter straight pi 4730-01-361-0497 Avl RFQ
00904B-104-J02-02800 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-103-5530 Avl RFQ
00904B-604 adapter straight tu 4730-00-533-4840 Avl RFQ
00904B-604604-03000 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-179-5422 Avl RFQ
00904B-604604-08075 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-610-7559 Avl RFQ
00904B-J02-J02-023 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-504-8892 Avl RFQ
00904B102604 02200 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-656-7456 Avl RFQ
00904B604604-0610 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-057-4284 Avl RFQ
00904BA04 adapter straight tu 4730-00-910-8364 Avl RFQ
00904E-504-J04-00963 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-386-1856 Avl RFQ
00904E-605104-01700 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-177-2344 Avl RFQ
00904F-504-J04-00963 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-386-1856 Avl RFQ
00904H-102404-02800 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-922-5327 Avl RFQ
00904HJ02J04-036 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-004-7273 Avl RFQ
00904N-605104-01700 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-177-2344 Avl RFQ
00905-605 adapter straight tu 4730-00-308-4213 Avl RFQ
00905100 hose nonmetallic 4720-00-317-4824 Avl RFQ
00905B605 adapter straight tu 4730-00-308-4213 Avl RFQ
00905E104406-01450 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-802-0333 Avl RFQ
00905H-606606-02200 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-570-7897 Avl RFQ
00905HB05B05-01800 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-202-7887 Avl RFQ
00906 106 106 01500 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-456-9858 Avl RFQ
00906-104-106-6 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-163-9258 Avl RFQ
00906-106-30IN hose assembly nonme 4720-00-456-9859 Avl RFQ
00906-106-406-18 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-163-5838 Avl RFQ
00906-106406-7.5IN hose assembly nonme 4720-01-320-5333 Avl RFQ
00906-10646-0110IN hose assembly nonme 4720-01-320-8233 Avl RFQ
00906-606 adapter straight tu 4730-00-310-4677 Avl RFQ
00906B-606-606-00750 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-780-2009 Avl RFQ
00906B104 adapter straight pi 4730-00-054-7683 Avl RFQ
00906B104406-38 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-480-7424 Avl RFQ
00906B104406-8.125 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-057-6935 Avl RFQ
00906B106 adapter straight pi 4730-00-303-5130 Avl RFQ
00906B606 adapter straight tu 4730-00-310-4677 Avl RFQ
00906B606-00706 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-758-7895 Avl RFQ
00906B606-00956 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-758-7896 Avl RFQ
00906B606-606-01912 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-758-7899 Avl RFQ
00906B606-606-25 7-8 hose assembly nonme 4720-00-780-2013 Avl RFQ
00906E 606 666 02300 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-394-1931 Avl RFQ
00906E 606606 03300 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-366-7172 Avl RFQ
00906E-106406-00750 hose assembly nonme 4720-01-320-5333 Avl RFQ
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