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Sprague Electric Co - Military Aircraft and Engine Parts Supplier by page 24

Looking for aircraft spare parts from Sprague Electric Co? Look no further than NSN Fulfillment. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, a leading aircraft parts distributor, we have an extensive inventory of more than 3 billion parts. The aircraft parts catalog lists the many part numbers such as 622D253M7R5AM3X, 632P205X9050, 622D223G010AB4A, 622D123M055BB2A, 632P103X9100 we have readily available to ship all over the world. In addition to , our inventory consists of both specialized and general aviation equipment that we can get to you with industry-best lead times and competitive prices. To see how NSN Fulfillment and ASAP Semiconductor are revolutionizing the parts procurement process, submit an RFQ below.

Sprague Electric Co Parts Catalog by page 24

Part No RFQ
661CX7R152M500C4 RFQ
636D753G060DJ4D RFQ
636D113G040BA4A RFQ
662CCOG103J101E4E004 RFQ
622D223M045BC4A RFQ
622D253M7R5AM3X RFQ
632P205X9050 RFQ
622D223G010AB4A RFQ
622D123M055BB2A RFQ
632P103X9100 RFQ
6105-00-061-2743 RFQ
661CZ5U153M500F4 RFQ
622D153M020AM3X RFQ
62D30293 RFQ
661CCOG152G101F4 RFQ
622D103X0016AA2A RFQ
661CCOG361G101F4 RFQ
623D342F200CC4D RFQ
672D106F100CD5D RFQ
663CX7R473K500F4 RFQ
661CCOG331J101 RFQ
623D212F250BF4A RFQ
604D138F030GP7 RFQ
622D163U020AB2A RFQ
661CX7R103K500F4 RFQ
672D228H012FV5C RFQ
622D323M7R5AB2E RFQ
657892-7 RFQ
661CCOG471K101E4 RFQ
672D106F100CD4D RFQ
622D193M020AB4A RFQ
672D106H100CD2A RFQ
617CC0G181J101A RFQ
617CCOG681J101B RFQ
622D143M028AL4A RFQ
636D332F100BM2D RFQ
636D433G015BB4A RFQ
672D106F063CC3D RFQ
622D173M035AF2A RFQ
61Z14B075-00 RFQ
619A589H02 RFQ
662CX7R223M201E4 RFQ
6105-00-916-6896 RFQ
636D302D200CC4D RFQ
622D282M055AA4F RFQ
636D134G015CE4B RFQ
636D223F040BP2N RFQ
636D123G060BC4A RFQ
618CX7R683K630A RFQ
661CX7R102M101F4 RFQ
636D153F100FP2N RFQ
662CZ5U223Z500F4 RFQ
622D113M028AB2A RFQ
672D1081FGR3DT5D RFQ
634L504PC13 RFQ
636D473F063FF2N RFQ
60E2035T7 RFQ
628P114 RFQ
61Z14A030 RFQ
632P153X9050 RFQ
617CX7R472K100B RFQ
636D183G7R5AA4A RFQ
618CCOG562J101A RFQ
622D203M020AC4A RFQ
622D283M016AL4A RFQ
662CX7R683K500FH RFQ
622D632M035AM4B RFQ
617CCOG151K101A RFQ
662CCOG391J201F4 RFQ
661CCOG272J500F4R018 RFQ
672D227M040EK4D RFQ
662CX7R333K500F4 RFQ
663CX7R223M101E4 RFQ
622D632M035AM2A RFQ
616CCOG102G630B 1nF RFQ
60GAT-20-X5E-200M RFQ
661CZ5U333Z500F4VR002 RFQ
636D103F160FF2N RFQ
636D682F040AB2M RFQ
672D227U050DM4D RFQ
61Z14A050Y RFQ
664CCOG152J101E4 RFQ
662CX7R223K101F4 RFQ
622D232M060AA4A RFQ
632P155X5050 RFQ
617625-69 RFQ
672D247U063EK3C RFQ
65F2373 RFQ
672D108F008DS5D RFQ
616CCOG330K101B RFQ
610D527M012DR5 RFQ
636D213G035BM2A RFQ
672D107H060EK5C RFQ
604D123G010JT6 RFQ
617COG331K101A RFQ
622D573M7R5AF4A RFQ
610D684F250KD2 RFQ
604D301G050GJ5 RFQ
61Z16A025 RFQ
636D513F030BF2A RFQ
604D301G100HL5D RFQ
617X7R103K100B RFQ
604D102F075HS7 RFQ
672D108F7R5EN5D RFQ
672D276F100DM3J RFQ
672D108F6R3EKE RFQ
636D113F030AL2A RFQ
623D941M250 RFQ
622D193M060AF2A RFQ
618CX7R473K100A RFQ
618CX7R104K630A RFQ
662CX7R222K101F4 RFQ
604D321F200JT6 RFQ
661CX7R222M500E4R018 RFQ
661CZ5U473Z500F4E001 RFQ
660CCOG221K500F4 RFQ
636D472F025AY2M RFQ
636D472F200DC4D RFQ
610D405F100DE2 RFQ
672D100UF-20VDC RFQ
618CC0G331K630A RFQ
604D362F030JS7 RFQ
636D473F010BB2N RFQ
616CCOG102G630B1nF63V RFQ
60GAQ4723L6KV-0.47M RFQ
661CX7R472M500F4 RFQ
622D103M016AA2A RFQ
61Z14A050 RFQ
622D213M055BD2A RFQ
672D107H060EK5J RFQ
661COG471G500F4 RFQ
622D403M7R5AC4A RFQ
622D282M055AA2B RFQ
623D411F250AB4A RFQ
622D922M055BM4A RFQ
636D682F160FP2N RFQ
661CX7R223K500F4 RFQ
604D308G7R5HJ6 RFQ
622D173M035AF4B RFQ
661CCOG331K101F4 RFQ
623D1024 RFQ
632P102X9200 RFQ
622D103M025AC4B RFQ
62D10136 RFQ
623D641F200AB4A RFQ
604D102F025GJ6B RFQ
622D133M035BA4B RFQ
629G1049W2 RFQ
622D622M055AL4A RFQ
610D337G010DL2 RFQ
610D706G060DR2 RFQ
627P105X9200S4 RFQ
662CCOG102K250E4 RFQ
622D384 RFQ
6125-01-201-1392 RFQ
622D183M006AA4A RFQ
604D300UF50VAC RFQ
661X7R103K101F4E001 RFQ
636D333F063FP2N RFQ
622D183M7R5AA4E RFQ
623D142F200AF4A RFQ
672D258U6R3DS3C RFQ
662CX5R202J250E4 RFQ
623D216 RFQ
6594640 RFQ
622D183M055BC4A RFQ
661CX7RK101C4 RFQ
622D323M7R5AB4E RFQ
623D114 RFQ
672D106F200DM5J RFQ
623D218 RFQ
622D713 RFQ
672D034A2 RFQ
672D100V27UF RFQ
672D107M015CC3C RFQ
622CX7R472K201E030 RFQ
672D107H075DS5C RFQ
604D5100uF10VDC RFQ
672D108F012DS5D RFQ
623D1015 RFQ
622D394P RFQ
610D687G007DR2X RFQ
617CCOG221K101A RFQ
60GAD-27 RFQ
61Z14B150 RFQ
620-101-JB RFQ
632P103X2050 RFQ
663CX7R333K101E4 RFQ
61Z14A500 RFQ
672D271HO40DT5 RFQ
623D1011 RFQ
622D103M060BL4A RFQ
662CCOG222F500E4 RFQ
6116A-2 RFQ
632P105X5050 RFQ
672D22H050CD5C RFQ

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