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Looking for aircraft spare parts from Collins Avionics? Look no further than NSN Fulfillment. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, a leading aircraft parts distributor, we have an extensive inventory of more than 3 billion parts. The aircraft parts catalog lists the many part numbers such as 220-0067-240, RV704-1121-214, 439-4002-000, 831-6422-001, 610968-0101 we have readily available to ship all over the world. Our inventory consists of both specialized and general aviation equipment that we can get to you with industry-best lead times and competitive prices. To see how NSN Fulfillment and ASAP Semiconductor are revolutionizing the Collins Avionics parts procurement process, submit an RFQ below.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
834-5050-050 NA capacitor Avl RFQ
754-0560-015 NA light panel Avl RFQ
772-5721-001 NA shaft gear braze switch Avl RFQ
RN55E1212F NA resistor fxd film 12 1k 1 Avl RFQ
321-0295-000 NA screw Avl RFQ
220-0067-240 NA socket Avl RFQ
RV704-1121-214 NA cable assembly Avl RFQ
439-4002-000 NA wire electrical Avl RFQ
831-6422-001 NA programmed assembly Avl RFQ
610968-0101 NA shell ay Avl RFQ
CDR14BG330EJUM NA capacitor Avl RFQ
24-621061-024 NA sub assy 6 dsp cnsl duc i6 Avl RFQ
SPL23374 NA lockwasher Avl RFQ
836-7146-001 NA panel control Avl RFQ
822-1121-XXX NA vhf control Avl RFQ
494607-0000 NA bar latch Avl RFQ
S12-10U01-100 NA misc mech other Avl RFQ
668-0050-010 NA inductor power Avl RFQ
289-7407-060 NA resonator quartz Avl RFQ
827-4059-001 NA block efd 4077 Avl RFQ
600927-0001 NA video term plug Avl RFQ
604430-0001 NA assy structure Avl RFQ
523-0780351 NA plg l1 papr pro line 21 avionics s Avl RFQ
136236-1 NA gasket connector Avl RFQ
914-0906-030 NA capacitor fxd cer 1 8pf Avl RFQ
RV600-5382-001 NA door assembly Avl RFQ
262-1770-010 NA filter optical Avl RFQ
608667-0010 NA rail assy Avl RFQ
352-8870-010 NA transistor Avl RFQ
380-1080-430 NA resistor variable non wirewound Avl RFQ
351-1199-040 NA integrated circuit amplifier Avl RFQ
754-0536-067 NA panel Avl RFQ
351-1523-230 NA microcircuit digital logic gates Avl RFQ
RS900A210 NA oring Avl RFQ
RV704-2195-015 NA cable assy Avl RFQ
646-3816-001 NA sleeve spring Avl RFQ
RV655-5152-001 NA stiffener Avl RFQ
C7811190-002 NA harness lcd to controller Avl RFQ
288-1309-010 NA core toroidal Avl RFQ
MS24693C12 NA screw Avl RFQ
791-0258-001 NA cable assy radio Avl RFQ
324-2611-000 NA screw cap Avl RFQ
471906-0010 NA nut Avl RFQ
827-8561-001 NA cover assembly front Avl RFQ
728800-151 NA rod and head assembly Avl RFQ
922-6019-000 NA obsolete part Avl RFQ
705-2437-580 NA resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
705-3205-180 NA resistor Avl RFQ
269-2635-050 NA switch section rotary Avl RFQ
RV704-1322-014 NA cable assy Avl RFQ
835-1632-010 NA ic smd uprocessor supervisory Avl RFQ
372-0268-040 NA connector electrial Avl RFQ
RV704-2006-007 NA cable assembly Avl RFQ
CCR05CG161JRV NA capacitor Avl RFQ
MS24266G10B5SN NA connector Avl RFQ
634-3461-002 NA connector kit Avl RFQ
838-7004-040 NA label mod Avl RFQ
610389-0001 NA kit instl screen c zone Avl RFQ
651-0592-002 NA bracket heat sink Avl RFQ
1309706-001 NA plate air diverter diffuser Avl RFQ
RV300-0753-172 NA transistor Avl RFQ
372-3392-023 NA contact pin and socket Avl RFQ
RV704-2789-001 NA cable assy Avl RFQ
226397-01 NA pcb dpcu r h Avl RFQ
751-9290-001 NA label information Avl RFQ
629-7388-001 NA shaft Avl RFQ
634-4343-001 NA mounting bracket Avl RFQ
754-0375-006 NA panel keyboard incand blue gra Avl RFQ
827-2217-001 NA panel air intake Avl RFQ
834-2023-080 NA capacitor Avl RFQ
494173-0000 NA catch assy Avl RFQ
1165196-004 NA clip strain relief recept Avl RFQ
826-0007-805 NA pwb a4a3 synthesizer Avl RFQ
1141821 NA p w b Avl RFQ
335-0019-000 NA set screw Avl RFQ
837-7017-020 NA relay miniature Avl RFQ
CPD118010 NA fuse Avl RFQ
622-4527-010 NA control Avl RFQ
M55342H04B4H70R NA resistor chip film fixed Avl RFQ
523-0780271 NA mng l1 papr diagnostics flight li Avl RFQ
RS900L012 NA oring Avl RFQ
75-620939-004 NA cable assy ueb vtp kuwait Avl RFQ
913-3665-260 NA capacitor fixed ceramic Avl RFQ
RNC55H1331FS NA resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
835-3705-010 NA ic digital logic Avl RFQ

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