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Do you need assistance sourcing aircraft instrumentation parts from manufacturers you can trust? NSN Fulfillment, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is your purchasing solution. We stock billions of parts from top manufacturers such as Smiths, Singer , Sperry , Sperry UK, UnitIns. We source premium parts including 0440KMB/CP/2, 0441KMB, 0441KMB/CP/1, 0441KMB/CP/2, 0442KMB and deliver them to you as soon as possible. Our shipping and supply chain was designed to be quick and nimble. We can handle any AOG time restrictions using our expedited and same-day shipping measures. Each ASAP customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who is available 24/7 to answer any questions or help source a hard-to-find part. Submit an RFQ to get started today.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
0440KMB/CP/2 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0441KMB Smiths mach switch RFQ
0441KMB/CP/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0441KMB/CP/2 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0442KMB Smiths mach switch RFQ
0442KMB/CP/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0442KMB/CP/2 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0448KMB Smiths mach switch RFQ
0448KMB/CP/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0449KMB/CP/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0450KMB Smiths mach switch RFQ
0450KMB/CP/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0452KMB/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0453KMB/1 Smiths mach switch RFQ
0507KTQ Smiths pitot static test set RFQ
05088-CR40911037 Singer synchro cont.transmitter RFQ
05CT4SL Sperry synchro RFQ
05CT4SLa Sperry UK synchro RFQ
05CX4SL Sperry UK synchro RFQ
05CX4SLa Sperry UK synchro RFQ
066-3064-01 UnitIns encoding altimeter RFQ
066-3064-05 UnitIns encoding altimeter RFQ
0705KGA/CP/1 Smiths generator, engine speed RFQ
0706KGA/CP/1 Smiths generator, engine speed RFQ
0711311-003 Akwin hydraulic pressure switch RFQ
0711311-132 Akwin pressure switch RFQ
0832-1-8046 Sangamo ammeter RFQ
0832-1-8048 Sangamo fuel indicator RFQ
0832-1-8132 Sangamo egt indicator RFQ
0832-1-8133 Sangamo temperature indicator RFQ
0832-1-8136 Sangamo fuel contents indicator RFQ
0832-1-8322 Sangamo flap indicator RFQ
0832-1-8518 Sangamo fuel gauge RFQ
1-81-A Bendix indicator RFQ
1-82-A Bendix indicator RFQ
10-100-1 Bendix accelerometer RFQ
10-162650-5 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-3089-7 Courters flap position indicator RFQ
10-3089-8 Courters flap position indicator RFQ
10-374091 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374091-1 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374095 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374095-1 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374097 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374097-1 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-374097-2 Bendix tachometer RFQ
10-60757-22 Rogerson a.c.voltmeter RFQ
10-60757-28 Rogerson gen. drive oil temp. ind RFQ
10-60791 Courters flap position indicator RFQ
10-60791-11 Courters flap position indicator RFQ
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